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  1. Several of the PhD programs I'm applying to have faculty of interest who are ostensibly near retirement. In more than one case, a retirement among such faculty members would significantly affect my decision of where to attend. Are current grad students at a given program the most reliable channel for finding out about retirements and who's still taking students? Is there a better way to reach out? Should I just name names to you all, and see if people here know?
  2. Um, if I were to rank its unranked-ness I would put it closer to Oregon than to Appalachia State. Placement from the MA has been mediocre with flashes of glory, but they have *very* few MA students. Definitely shooting for US programs, though I'm interested in a few German and UK programs. My interests are developing, but are continental. Ideal programs at the moment are Georgetown and Columbia. SPEP is cool.
  3. Hi folks, Headed into the MA. Aiming high for the PhD. Super motivated. The bad news is, the MA is gonna be from an unranked PhD program. I happen to think its a really neat program, but I'm pretty sure the top 20 adcomms don't share that view. So how do I maximize the next two years? Obviously work like a maniac on my writing. But what kinds of things will most effectively burnish my resume? I'll be on fellowship, so I'm going to have time to be maniacally self-actualizing. What if I take a third year to do a Fulbright/DAAD before the PhD? Hit me with it.
  4. I've recently declined GSU, LSU, Miami U of Ohio, and Memphis's MA.
  5. I haven't. Looks like they employ the apathetic-episodic rejection style.
  6. Perhaps an oddly placed word of advice, but be advised, all those headed to visits: be prepared to succinctly and convincingly present your interests and direction, again and again, to all interested parties!
  7. Likely Columbia will send a few acceptances, and GSU is Thursday or perhaps Friday.
  8. Well, there goes an entire week of pointless anxiety
  9. The increasing quantity of my wine consumption is, sadly, inversely correlated with the quality of said wine.
  10. I thought this outlet might ameliorate the somewhat chaotic discourse in the admissions thread– which is, after all, supposedly about offers of admission. One thing eating me is that I will have to turn down offers from very nice people working in wonderful departments. What a waste! Also, why is time slowing down as decisions come out?
  11. Hey guys– this is the philosophy admissions forum, so it is unlikely (though possible) that anyone here has related knowledge. Best wishes on making it to brain land.
  12. Stoic self: "It's ok if you get rejected by your dream school. A rejection will give you certainty, peace, and a final decision." Appetitive self: "That's what you said when the person I loved started dating the football player."
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