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  1. Trust me, I understand the sentiment, and I'm thankful for the candor. I felt a bit robbed of the possibility, and understand there is some romanticizing/nostalgia going on. I do think that my stated reasons are worth it, however. Of course, I'd love to teach, and I'd teach anywhere if provided that opportunity, but I don't believe I understated the value that a graduate education has on continued access to academia as well as future collaborators. There is simply more opportunity with than without. Now are these opportunities financially profitable? Doubtful, but perhaps worth it nonetheless.
  2. Hi All, Thank you for the kind responses thus far. All very much appreciated. During my first go round in undergrad, I expected to be a lifer, myself. The job situation wasn't much better, and coming from a small school, I knew there was quite the hill to climb. I was, and still am, highly aware that I may be relegated to exactly what I am doing for work at the moment. I was eager to embark, however. I never wanted a family of my own, and grew accustomed to the idea that most of my life would be spent trying to 'make it in Academia.' Teaching was a goal, and tenure would be great,
  3. Hi all, I've been perusing around here, as I have the last few rounds, watching the dread and excitement wheel turn. I finally decided to dive in with some queries of my own, and hope I'm not wasting anyone's time. My undergrad was over back in '07, but I never dipped my foot into grad school as I was fulfilling my duty to my partner at the time. When we got married we decided I would work, she would go, then we'd trade. As life would have it, soon after her grad years were up, we were filing for divorce. I then moved, had to start a new career in a new city (IT), between falling qu
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