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  1. As far as philosophy department goes I'd recommend Kingston (and possibly Warwick) in the UK.
  2. I'm sorry the application process was a negative experience for you. However, may I advice you to avoid talking about identifiable people like this on an open online forum--I'm certain I can tell who these people are. I also know that in contrast to what you're implying they didn't lack the merit to be fairly accepted onto the programme. It's definitely not a good look to imply that you're somehow entitled to their places... and since this is an advice thread I guess I should offer some fitting advice: don't come off as arrogant, either in person or in your application. On a different, more general note: one thing that I'd recommend is to ask junior faculty to read over your materials rather than more senior people. They often have more time and are often more available. I used this strategy and it worked really well for me.
  3. I just accepted my offer from Pitt :))))))
  4. Wow you people work such long hours! I've been clocking myself for years and rarely do more than 30h of philosophy/week. Those are 100% focused though-- I almost always work alone and write best in short bursts. As far as reading is concerned I prefer reading fewer texts very closely rather than trying to read everything on a given topic... has worked well so far. I think philosophy is a discipline where close reading can be extremely beneficial and allow for a lot of creativity. As this thread shows, I think it varies a lot how many hours one needs to put in depending on how one prefers to work. In order to be as focused as I need to be to get shit done in my 30h I basically have to prioritse things like exercise, sleep, getting daylight/being outside. If I didn't get those things I highly doubt I'd be able to produce good work even if put in 70h/week. Find what works for you and don't be stressed out if others seem to do more.
  5. Rejected at Harvard and Columbia.
  6. Mike Martin and Paul Snowdon aren't around anymore. I've been in the department since 2013 and I'm pretty sure Snowdon hasn't been teaching for several years. An updated faculty list is here https://www.ucl.ac.uk/philosophy/people/permanent-academic-staff
  7. AHRC normally only funds PhD students, and sometimes but very rarely 2nd year MPhils. The AHRC funding is 3 years so if you get it while still in the MPhil you basically commit to doing your PhD at UCL as well. In any case, you already need to be in the department to apply. More info here https://www.lahp.ac.uk/apply-for-studentship-2019-20/.
  8. practically_mi


    I think you should email them. It 's so late in the season now so it's only natural that you'd want to know what's going on. Good luck!
  9. A few people get funded (1 person fully funded, 2 or 3 partially funded). Most people don't, however. This is the typical situation for UK masters programs unfortunately.
  10. I've struggled a lot to get work done over the past month. My ability to concentrate, my sleep etc. have been absolutely terrrible. I'm sure this is true for a lot of people going through this process. It feels like there's so much at stake. Basically, I think it's normal but seeing a professional and talk about it might still be helpful.
  11. Sure, political philosophy, moral psychology, action. My sample was in political philosophy w some social ontology thrown in.
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