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  1. AB1234

    NIU Funding

    I wrote to them several weeks ago, and prof. Clapp said they've already sent their initial offers.
  2. Just wondering, is anybody planning on declining its offer from Western Michigan?
  3. Thank you all for your responses and for your support, you guys are great. It is a tough season and it has worn me somehow; given that almost everything related to admissions is out of my control gives me so much anxiety. But I'm glad there are other people who understand and with whom I can share my feelings. I wish you nothing but the best. edit: typo
  4. HI all, I wanted to ask you a question regarding philosophical performance while waiting for admission results: do you feel that your capacity to work, or your concentration, diminishes or does it stays the same? I've been feeling that it is harder for me to concentrate and do assignments, etc. and I was wondering if it was normal or if I should see some mental health professional. Thank you all.
  5. I think you've received sound advice already. I might just say, perhaps redundantly, that Tufts is worth it if the advantages of attending outweigh the economic costs. In some other post, although the topic was about job opportunities after finishing a PhD, someone, quite rightly, pointed out that prestige bias is important - a claim that could also be applied to PhD applications. I don't have hard evidence, but it seems that admission committees do take into account the prestige of the institutions the candidate attended; also, a good faculty and the availability of resources can help one to
  6. Reached out to SFU, it seems that I haven't been rejected. I'm on the waitlist. So, as the petition normally goes, if you received a spot and you're not planning on attending, please turn down their offer, but only if you want. Otherwise, enjoy the program 😊
  7. New to the forum. But longtime lurker. So, Hello, everyone! I saw that the SFU acceptances went out, so I presume a rejection. In any case, I was also rejected by the New School (PhD) today. Happy Saint Valentines to everyone.
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