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  1. I accepted Vanderbilt last week!
  2. Declined off-the-waitlist offer from JHU (on Thursday)
  3. Waitlisted at JHU! Got an email early this morning.
  4. same 😥 lol at least we don't have to live in the city in a studio apartment for $5000/month
  5. yeah same! I applied to 8, I have one acceptance, 1 official rejection, 1 presumed rejection, and 5 seem to not have come out with anything yet, but I fear they will be rejections
  6. does anyone know if uChicago theory decisions have gone out? saw acceptances on the results page for all areas except theory. at this point, i'm assuming rejection, but there's still that little flame of hope...
  7. Did you apply to them? Do you think there are any schools that are safe? If so, what are yours? basically, I’m bored, anxious and curious
  8. same! Haha I was just wondering to see if you were another fellowship or if other acceptances have gone out lol since I didn’t see your acceptance on the results page. And yes, I will be! I’m excited! What about you?
  9. Awesome! Congrats! And yes, same I’m excited as well! When did you receive the notification? Were you nominated for a fellowship?
  10. Northwestern rejection today - expected after no word when acceptances and waitlists went out, but still sad hahaha
  11. yeah I applied to 8 phds and I’ve been questioning whether I should have sprinkled in some masters/applied to more programs
  12. lol I had that freak out today ? how many schools did you apply to?
  13. haha same!! First cycle and I just really really don’t want to do another
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