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  1. Super curious how people make this work myself. I imagine you'd have to teach two courses rather than one so that you could double your pay so that you could afford to feed yourself? And then just take on the burden of that 20k in loans for the remaining tuition costs. For low-income students like me, I am not sure I could make this offer work. But maybe there are other options that I am unaware of that could help make this more feasible!
  2. someone mentioned an acceptance in the comments
  3. Is anyone still in Michigan-Ann Arbor limbo?
  4. Just declined waitlist spot at Syracuse! I hope this helps someone
  5. In at virginia tech... will decline shortly, hope this takes someone off the waitlist
  6. Declined Nebraska offer last week, I hope that helps someone.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree! Just to echo what you said... save yourself the heartache, money, and time, and apply to schools that you can get work done at. Alternatively, you'll have to really tailor and make it seem like you are fit for their uni. The latter option doesn't really sound good to me (since isn't the point of all this not just to get an acceptance, but to get work you enjoy doing done?) The rejections I have received really make sense to me (seems like an issue w/fit though this is not to belittle other factors at play)
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