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  1. Cytem

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Declined NIU, Brandeis, Houston.
  2. Cytem

    Tufts news?

    I'd love to be corrected but I think that's just everything. Tufts and Brandeis are known for small fundings, with the cost of living in Boston making things worse. I mean, personally, I won't go into debt because of it, but I still find it hard to choose it over another fully funded offer.
  3. Cytem

    Choosing between SFU and Tufts: MA Phil

    I'm also interested in mind/cog sci stuff. But I'm worried about how much energy could Dennett spend with his students, given his popularity.
  4. Cytem

    Choosing between SFU and Tufts: MA Phil

    Just to clarify, the official package I received today was 60% tuition remission. So I have no more problem with that!
  5. Cytem

    Offer Choice: Tufts MA or Cambridge MPhil?

    I know someone who went through the cam mphil, and the difference between Cambridge and tufts seems clear to me. Cam is a very short, one year program, which means there's little time for you to fully explore your interests, and you only complete three essays (cannot recall well) during it. People there seem to go straight into their research topic almost from the beginning. So not bad if you already have something in mind and really want to work it out with some professors there. Tufts is a two year program, where you do 12 graduate-level courses (woww), and probably also some TA work. Just think of it as the first two years of a US PhD program. I do understand if you don't want to take a wide range of things again, but I suspect no M&E will do little benefit to your later PhD applications to US schools. This is less an issue for UK PhDs though.
  6. Cytem


    In at Tufts and brandeis, both with surprisingly tight funding, argh. @Very Hungry Caterpillar May I ask about your funding package at Tufts?
  7. Cytem

    Choosing between SFU and Tufts: MA Phil

    Just got the tufts offer, with an SFU offer at hand... this choice is so hard to make. @JohnQP Would you mind if I ask about your funding package at tufts? I was expecting an average 60% tuition remission but only received 3k today, which is basically of no help.
  8. Cytem

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Hi there, just saw that you are currently in a UK master program, would you mind if I PM you about the experience? I am just so anxious now and think I should apply to some more!

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