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  1. I'm a little confused about your concern with placement. Did you not know about your current programs placement record before you applied or accepted the position? it seems a little weird to me and it just looks like you simply used this program as a stepping stone. Which is fine, I'm not judging or condemning lol. BUUT... I suspect you'd probably want to mention in your SOP to your desired program why you're wanting to transfer and the placement reason will seem suspicious. I've heard from profs that people do transfer but you must be VERY careful. Philosophy is a relatively small community of people and you do not want to get a bad name or burn bridges. Especially if you're moving up to a "better" school. Be very careful as you navigate this transfer. I've only been warned about transferring programs unless you have a legit reason (AOI changed and have no prof at current program willing to take you on, prof retired or moved, family reasons etc.). Hope it helps, and again my initial comment isn't condemning but just the first thing that popped into my head.
  2. No don't take the GRE again. Your scores are great, like someone else said unless you are trying to do logic or math... do not worry about GRE. I would look at other aspects of your application again - sample paper (obviously), SOP, and talk to your previous professors and see what they think. Do you think you had strong recommendation letters? AND, yes def look at the schools you applied to and really focus on fit. Email some of the grad students at the programs you're interested in and see what they think of your fit at their program. I would also, maybe try to also expand your AOS in your SOP. And again, talk to your previous professors and see what they think.
  3. So, I was in a similar mindset as you earlier this year. However, thankfully I ended up having great results over all (3 Acceptances and 3 WL). Getting a 2nd MA is not unheard of, and especially for international students. When you apply again, you should definitely apply to MA programs (like UW-M, Oklahoma State, U of Arkansas, and few others - these are some of the funded MAs and that's why i mention them). Your recommendation letters will mean more coming from people in the U.S especially if they are known in your AOI and the chances of an American, UK, or Australian philosopher being well known are more likely. However, I'm not sure what is your GPA (do you guys have GPA or something else), or what your writing sample is like. If you'd like I can give it a read. But, to be honest your GRE scores could definitely improve. Your verbal isn't terrible but for a good program you should definitely retake it. Your AW is pretty low, but I think that's less important, if at all. Hopefully, this helps.
  4. I've been a grad student (Master's) and graduated with top grades. Now, I'm starting my Phd. And I agree with maxhgns... yes, it is difficult but you still have time to do things. It really depends on how well you schedule your life. If you do stuff chaotically, then you will feel like you never have time. I'd say just relax.. chill, its not that bad.
  5. You should email them or maybe even call. And as mentioned by others, you turned down other offers just in case Stanford came through or are we missing something?
  6. Just declined U of Nebraska. Hopefully, it'll help someone on here or not. Probably by 4/13 I'll be turning down 1 or 2 more. Just waiting to get more info from the departments.
  7. Hmm interesting, what's your AOI? But, obviously OU (Oklahoma University) and UVA are not at the same level but you were waitlisted at both. But UVA apprently has a giant waitlist this year or maybe every year, idk. I'm willing to bet you have a decent chance at OU. is it for an MA or PhD?
  8. It can be combination of multiple things for different programs. What schools did you apply too?
  9. I think having a sample paper that matches your claimed AOI helps. But I don't think having a strong sample paper on X but the department specializes in Y is going to hurt you. Your fit in the department is pretty important.
  10. Yea, I agree.. I think he was just a bad professor and student. I really hope he's not a representative of the CEU body. If there is a professor CEU that you think is good in your AOI, you should go. And I agree with @philosophypuppy that my example is anecdotal but I thought I should mention it since it directly related to you question.
  11. What’s you AOI? And one of the professors at my last program went there. I’m gonna be honest he was definitely one of the dumber professors there. I TA’d for him and he didn’t know basic logic. Like what makes an argument valid. He told one of the guys that they never had to study logic at CEU and it showed. I think he knew one thing some obscure topic in continental philosophy (focoult and symbiosis, what ever that is). He was so bad that the department took away his logic courses. And in my own conversation he seemed ill prepared to teach most philosophy other than that niche he knew. Now he could be an oddity and just a bad student but it doesn’t look to good for CEU.
  12. CUNY MA shouldn’t be on the radar. It’s not worth it. I had the same question here a while back. It’s nothing more than a cash cow. And tufts, if money is not much of an issue.
  13. Congrats! Are you gonna take it?
  14. Anyone accepted or waitlisted at UVA planning on declining?
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