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  1. AkraticAgent, I will message you after I have finished this first round of edits as per the feedback of some of the others in this thread. Duns Eith, Unsolicited but welcome advice. Also, you're invited to read our samples if only out of love for reading philosophical works under 6,000 words!
  2. I have seen a few threads dedicated to editing writing samples with specific areas. I thought I would start one for exchanging papers between applicants on any philosophical topic. My writing sample is about Modal Realism. I could read and edit any paper. I could understand any contemporary analytic philosophy paper. I would only be able to look for spelling/grammar issues in papers about the history of philosophy, or say existentialism, or Taoism. Anyways, if I am not a good match, post anyways and perhaps someone else will come along.
  3. I see. I am definitely capable and willing to shift my focuses to the philosophy of science or epistemology. Before jumping ship, I did have some interdisciplinary ideas in mind. I have foundational knowledge of the computer sciences, up to and including what is involved in writing from-scratch AI. AI, the mind, and metaphysics generally appear related to me. Or, at least each invokes questions of the others' discussions. Even if metaphysics is still shrinking at present, I expect AI is ballooning. I thought there could be some role for someone like myself in an AI project, or that a running A
  4. OK. Thank you so much. I will look up more funded MA programs to apply to. I think I will need to apply to a good number of schools. If I do not get into a program this year, will I have any opportunity to improve my application other than to work on my CV?
  5. I finished my BA last spring and I am applying for graduate programs for the fall of 2020. I am interested in studying metaphysics and logic. I am a big fan of David Lewis. The analysis of possibility, ontology, formal systems, and the metaphysics of science are each contenders for my chief philosophical interest. I do not know which programs I should be applying for. I plan on applying to a couple of terminal MA programs for general philosophy. I would like also to pursue MA/PhD programs and those programs with a strong faculty for metaphysics. Most of the programs I would like to apply
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