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  1. Thank you for the reply and thank you for the honesty. Contrary to many other people, I actually like "Donny downers" and hate condescending answers. My long-term goal is to attain a professional education in philosophy and have a job where I can directly apply it, whether it be in academe, a think tank, or elsewhere. The adjunct pay does seem horrible, but believe it or not I'm still debating with myself. I just thought that maybe there was some "in between". I always understood the tenure-track as an unrealistic dream for me (perhaps for anybody at this point). At the same time, I realize th
  2. I am in my senior year of philosophy at an online college. I've been thinking about studying a masters degree in philosophy, but for the near future (2-3 years) my only options would be online (there is nothing around and I cannot relocate). What do you think about Edinburgh's MSc in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind? Is this a good option if I want to apply to a PhD program after said period, at what point I'd be able to relocate?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I am thinking about doing a funded MA. My point was that for now (since I won't be able to relocate for another 2 years), would it be fruitful to get an online MA in philosophy instead of getting it in another subject? I will continue my education since it's free, but I want to know if the benefits from getting an online MA in philosophy would outweigh getting an online MA in another subject. If it would improve my chances of attending a funded MA once I am able to relocate or not, or if it would be better to make myself more marketable (with the horrible job market and a
  4. Thanks for the reply, one more question. I’ll be finishing my degree sooner than expected, so I’ll still have a couple of years in active duty (which means free Tuition Assistance without using the GI Bill). I was thinking about doing a masters degree (which would have to be online), and at first I thought there were no online masters in philosophy. I had decided to study a masters in economics, since I’d be able to finish it around the date of my separation from active duty. The plan was then to proceed to the MA or possibly PhD in philosophy, with the freedom of relocating anywhere I got
  5. So I just took the GRE and my scores are 163V, 159Q. Considering the conditions I mentioned above, do you think I have a chance at any of the decent MA programs? Both my Phil and overall GPA is 3.85.
  6. Thank you very much for the response. To be honest, I have much more experience with Continental Philosophy than Analytic. My recent interest in the Analytic tradition stems from reading about Gödel, Frege and Wittgenstein. I find the logicist project fascinating, and I am very interested in the foundations of mathematics and issues in language and philosophy of mind. Anyways, I will make up my mind 100% and choose a program that fits my interest, as suggested. That is awesome advice on the journals. I didn't know there was such a thing as undergraduate journals, but I'll definitely start
  7. You brought out an excellent point. Like I mentioned in my response to philosopuppy, an academic position would definitely make me feel incredibly accomplished. But it is not my only objective with pursuing philosophy. I will of course apply to some of the top MA programs with the hopes of getting accepted. But if this doesn't happen, I don't want my interest in philosophy to be stopped just because I wasn't one of the "best". What other MA programs are out there for people who don't necessarily need to fulfill the goal of academic excellence and professor emeritus status? It's hard to see whe
  8. Thanks for the reply. At this point, I will focus almost completely on MA programs, since making "the jump" from my low-tier undergrad degree to a PhD (any PhD apparently) seems impossible. With that being said, what is your advice on applying to said MA's? I've read that the process is still highly competitive, so again my background weighs heavy on my back. What are the chances? I hate being this naive, but analyzing these sorts of things in a sort of quantitative way has always given me comfort. What kind of schools would you recommend for me? The top-tier MA programs still seem way out of
  9. Again, thank you so much for the advice. The reason why I have included several lower-tier programs is because I really REALLY want to pursue graduate education in this field. Like UndergradDad mentioned, I love philosophy and of course, my dream is to become a professor in a highly challenging academic setting where I could do some hardcore research, etc. But the fact is I love philosophy, period. My number one goal is not academia, but philosophy. I enjoy reading it, studying it, writing it, teaching it, researching it, everything. So my biggest fear is to get denied the opportunity to furth
  10. Thank you very much for the response. I have spoken to some of the professors of my college and they say that they have seen previous students go on to graduate school and that it shouldn't be impossible and the like. I definitely plan on discussing my online education in my personal statement like you said, the closest traditional college around is 60 miles away and balancing work with that would be certainly impossible. I will acknowledge that my undergraduate education is not the best, but is my best attempt at pursuing philosophy. I had thought about applying to a terminal MA program, whic
  11. Hello everybody, I’m an active duty Marine, currently a junior in an online, for-profit, low-tier (still regionally accredited) college. I’m working towards my Bachelors in Philosophy and I would love to go on to pursue a graduate degree after the military. I’ll be graduating about six months before I leave the service. My GPA is 3.8 and I’ll have a total of 13 courses in philosophy. I’m worried about my chances of admission into any graduate program, the reason being my unusually weird background. The fact is very few veterans go for philosophy, and philosophy seems to be the kind of hard-kni
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