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  1. philosopuppy


    NIU folks (past and present): does anyone know when we hear back about the TAships? (And congrats to everyone who's gotten in so far this cycle!! ❤️)
  2. Is it really true that Brown and Cornell have "abysmal" placement ratings compared to other top-10 programs? My impression was that it was all kind of equally terrible-but-not-impossible among the various top 20-ish schools. (This might be a bit off topic, but would be good to know!)
  3. philosopuppy

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Hopefully I'll be able to take you up on that
  4. philosopuppy

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    No wayyy! I'm writing my senior thesis on the Kyoto School! Love those guys.
  5. philosopuppy

    Stipened Database

    I have friends who are or have been at programs in LA and NYC and had $40-50k stipends. Just for an additional data point.
  6. philosopuppy

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Awesome, same here! I do a lot of stuff on Buddhist metaphysics & ethics these days. ☸️?
  7. philosopuppy

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    2 of 4 in! I see I have some MA buddies
  8. philosopuppy

    Submitting more than 1 writing sample

    I'm submitting two for just one of my schools, where basically I have (1) my main sample, in a pretty mainstream/analytic topic and (2) an additional sample to be considered for a fellowship in a less analytic/mainstream area. I wanted to demonstrate my analytic chops while also being a contender for this fellowship. My advisor thought it would be a good idea, and I put a note in my statement specifying what each was for.
  9. Hey everyone, this is my last advice-begging thread, I promise! I had another thread about getting into MA programs, but I'm going back and forth on also applying to some PhD programs, and could use advice/input on a couple things... So, my aim is PGR top 20-30 schools. If in the end I couldn’t break into that tier at all, I probably would still take the PhD at a lower-ranked school, work hard, and see what happens - but, naturally, the higher-ranked, the better. Since I am entering into mainstream “analytic” philosophy fairly late (having done only Continental for most of my undergrad), I am applying to MA programs, since I think the added two years of preparation will make a huge difference in terms of my competitiveness for the programs I want to end up in. If I got into a below-30 PhD program this cycle, I would want to master out and apply to stronger programs. Is this something people can do? I haven't found very much substantive information about transferring PhD programs, how it's received, etc. Would it rub people the wrong way to be transferring out of a perfectly good PhD program? Maybe it'd be better to go the MA route, which is at least an established path for getting there? However, I’m also thinking about top-ranked PhD programs where my “non-analytic” background might actually count for something. Most of the time I was doing Continental stuff I was taking grad classes, presenting at conferences, etc. I could get a letter from one professor who had me in his grad class, has read all of my most recent work, and with whom I’ve organized a department reading group for several semesters. He’s definitely in my corner and I think he’d write a great letter. However, he is definitely a SPEP person, and you can tell this from a quick search. So, the question is: if I apply to places like UChicago and UC Riverside, where Continental is actually a big strength of the program, would that help me at all? Would it nudge me over from “maybe wait until after the MA” to “might be worth a shot now”? Or would the fact that my teachers were all SPEP people be cause for suspicion? I just took my GRE and got a 170V/162Q, so that’s part of the reason this is on my mind. My other letters are from junior tenure-track faculty who know my more recent “analytic” work really well and have taught independent studies and grad classes with me. I just don’t have the years of research experience and famous letter-writers that other people applying to these top PhD programs have - and these are things that I could get with a couple extra years. Thank you everyone again for your helpful input and advice. I'll do my best to pay it forward once I've ended up somewhere! tl;dr: Can I transfer just for ranking, or will that piss people off? Can I get into PGR Continental programs if my letter is from someone with a SPEP background?
  10. philosopuppy

    Assessing qualification/readiness for an MA

    Thank you so much for the advice. I'm gonna apply to some mid-ranked PhD programs, but seeing some of the people who post here and elsewhere about applying to top PhD programs with more stellar accomplishments than I'll probably ever have, I find it really easy to get nervous about it... And yes, I'm only applying to programs with funding. By the way, we already know each other in person!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm a senior at a non-prestigious state school with a decently good Philosophy program (hovers around what would be #51-52 on the PGR). I'm planning to apply to a mix of funded MAs and mid-ranked PhD programs this fall. But I've done enough reading about how horrifically difficult it is to get in anywhere that I want to get as much input as possible. So I'm wondering if anyone might have some thoughts about how I'm doing. I spent my first, say, five semesters focusing mostly on Area Studies/Religious Studies, and then on Continental philosophy. I did some research working with primary texts in [foreign language], took a bunch of graduate seminars with SPEP-type people in Philosophy and Comp Lit, and presented at a bunch of Area Studies and Religious Studies conferences. I have a peer-reviewed article coming out in an edited volume in Religious Studies, and my article is explicitly concerned with philosophy & is about philosophical topics. However, my interests nowadays are actually solidly analytic. What I really want to study is metaethics, reasons, that kinda stuff. So I'm now feeling like most of my best accomplishments aren't going to count for much, because they're not "real" philosophy. I've since taken a couple graduate seminars in metaethics. I have at least two solid letters from philosophy professors, one of whom I've done several independent studies with and am now developing publications with. The other taught both grad seminars and can testify to my ability to handle grad-level work. My third letter would either be (1) a Continental professor who also had me in his grad class and with whom I've worked really closely since (reading groups and stuff), or (2) the professor co-teaching one of the analytic seminars, with whom I've not worked closely, but who could at least say that I'm holding my own in the grad class and am always at colloquia asking questions and stuff. My GPA is approaching a 3.9, and is closer to like 3.96 in Philosophy. I'm not taking the GRE until later this month (weather delay... ?), but I'm studying a lot and feel well-prepared. The main problem, I think, is (1) the letters situation, and (2) my sample. My sample is on a particular extension of expressivism which has become popular lately but is still quite new. So I'm referencing lots of current major figures, whose work I'd be expecting to deal with throughout my grad school career. But I haven't done a ton of original writing on analytic topics until fairly recently, so I'm afraid it's going to end up feeling amateurish. I'm basically just taking stock of what the objections to this view are, and trying to respond to each in turn, and then trying to say something about the direction in which those strategies of response will push the theory as a whole. But it sometimes feels like kind of biting off more than I can chew, and I know that my arguments aren't so original and clever as to be of publishable quality. I feel like I have no chance next to people at much better institutions who have spent their entire undergrad working on analytic philosophy and writing good papers on it, and who have famous letter-writers vouching for them. So I'm mostly going to try to get into the best funded MA programs, like NIU, Georgia State, Simon Fraser, etc. What do you guys think? (Thanks so much for your help!)

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