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  1. philosopuppy

    Entering Academic Philosophy with a Non-Phi Major

    My partner is in history, at a non-fancy but R1 university with a pretty strong faculty, and her advisors have a policy of strongly discouraging anyone from seeking academic employment in history unless they are studying Asia or Africa. So it certainly isn't good. Whether philosophy is any better, I'm not sure. But the thing is, you have to consider not only the philosophy market, but the sub-market for history of philosophy, Medieval specifically. And that's also a very very bad market, at least from all the data that has been made available by the APA and all the philosophy bloggers and so on. The less in-demand (or the more over-represented) your sub-field is, the harder it is to get a job.
  2. philosopuppy

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Declined one of the nicer fellowships at GSU this morning.
  3. philosopuppy


    Just accepted NIU - super excited! Edit: wrong thread, sorry 😥 It's late and I've been doing my taxes...
  4. philosopuppy

    Help Choosing a School

    The sense I've gotten thus far, and the advice I've received from all of my professors, is that in philosophy, unlike many/most other humanities fields, it's actually more about the program than the particular person you want to work with. If you're a historian and you want to work on China, it's not really going to help you that there are lots of Europeanists and Africanists also in the department. But if you're a philosopher doing, say, language, then it will be very important to also be quite competent in related core areas like mind and metaphysics, and so it will be important that the department has people working in all those areas. Sub-areas of philosophy are pretty interconnected. So if the person at school B is the only person you'd be really interested in working with, then it might be better to opt for school A, where even though it's not a perfect match, there are at least multiple people qualified to supervise your work. Take this with a grain of salt since I'm not done with this whole process myself, but I'm just relaying what I have found helpful myself. Also, I'm sorry to go off-topic here, but I had to ask about this. How is John Searle a phenomenologist??
  5. philosopuppy

    Backing-Out After Accepting???

    Thank you!
  6. philosopuppy

    Backing-Out After Accepting???

    I'm going to school P unless i get more money from school Q, and I'm currently first on a waitlist for the desired money at Q. If Q comes through I'm going there. In the meantime, should I accept P now or wait until the 15th?
  7. philosopuppy

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Just turned down funded offer at UWM.
  8. philosopuppy

    UT Austin Review

    Thanks so much for sharing this - it's extremely useful to have inside information.
  9. philosopuppy

    Central European University

    Well, I mean... that is totally anecdotal. And it's not like that's the only strength of the department -- they only have a couple people working on Continental stuff, iirc.
  10. philosopuppy

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    No, unfortunately. I wasn't on the waitlist for admission - I was already admitted, just with a less-enticing funding package. So at that point usually programs will work with you a bit more.
  11. philosopuppy

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Just declined funding for an MA at SFU. Hope it helps someone! By the way, is there anyone on here who is sitting on one of the nice packages from GSU? I'm apparently at the top of the waitlist for it, and it's the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger now (freeing up other offers), so I'm curious as to what said person is thinking, if they're on here & willing to share.
  12. philosopuppy

    Typical Week of Philosophy

    I'm still not totally convinced. 50 hrs/wk overall, inclusive, is still a very substantial workweek. That's a pretty standard workweek "out in the world", where very many people (maybe most of them?) aren't focusing on work the whole time they're on the clock. If you're accounting strictly for time spent doing focused work, without including any interruptions or distractions that pop up, I find it hard to imagine more than 40-50 hrs, maaaybe 60, without quickly ending up in a nervous breakdown (which has happened to me before, for that reason!). I'm also not someone who is at all motivated to be "a great philosopher" or anything like that, so maybe it's just that the two go hand in hand.
  13. philosopuppy

    Typical Week of Philosophy

    @practically_mi I'm the exact same way, and you've made me feel a lot better about my philosophy habits, haha. Thank you!
  14. philosopuppy

    Choosing between MA offers

    Yes - both programs list each student by the title of their sample, along with the offer they accepted. At the bottom of the table for each year they list the other schools that admitted their students that year. So there's a good amount of data, & at least NIU, GSU, and UWM can be compared this way.
  15. philosopuppy

    Gaps between MA and PhD?

    That is good to hear. Thank you for the reassurance!

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