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  1. My initial piece of advice would be to apply to more programs than you currently list. I planned to apply to 12 programs (I think that’s a decent number, but some people apply to almost twice as many.). As it happens, I made a few very silly mistakes, which cut my applications down to 9. I’d made a list of due dates, and I accidentally switched the dates for two schools. On a different application, I included the wrong SOP and I think that probably had a significantly negative impact on my packet for that school (but then again, maybe it didn’t). I still ended up being accepted to 3 schools, but I’m glad I erred on the side of caution, and applied to as many places as I could. There is (at least some degree of) luck involved in the application process, in addition to human error. I’d strongly suggest that you apply to at least 8 schools, if you are able to. Many schools offer fee waivers, though you may have to do some digging to find out how to qualify. Edit: I cannot speak to phil of science because it is not my AOI.
  2. Accepted my offer from UC-Davis. I’m glad to be done with this application season, and excited for this coming fall. 🙂
  3. I just declined my offer from NIU. I was offered funding, so this should help someone who’s waitlisted for funding.
  4. Declined at NIU. I was offered funding, so hopefully this will help someone who is waitlisted for funding, too.
  5. Hello, humans. I was accepted at UC-Davis, NIU, and VA Tech, and I have been offered full funding and tuition remission for each. I am torn about what to do because I think that perhaps I could be admitted to a more highly ranked PhD program if I attend NIU or VA Tech first, but I also think that I could be quite happy at Davis. I qualify for a fellowship that I will only receive if I am accepted to a PhD program (It's a fellowship from a program that I am already involved in, at my undergrad institution.). Additionally, if I accept Davis then I would not have to go through the application cycle again. I'm quite tempted to accept the offer from Davis, yet I wonder if I will be hurting my eventual employment prospects. My primary worry is that I am allowing the offer of a fellowship, and the feeling of prestige that admittance to a PhD program begets, to unduly impact my decision. Perhaps it really is in my best interest to attend NIU or VA Tech. I have reached out to a couple of professors about this, and while one has advised me to go with Davis (Their advice was that I can always transfer, if I really want to.), the other has yet to respond and the application for this fellowship is due next month. I am becoming anxious. I would appreciate any advice on this matter. Thanks!
  6. I emailed Dr. Clapp about funding a few days ago, and he replied today to let me know that I am first on their waitlist for funding. However, I am planning to accept a different offer, so I will likely decline very soon. I'm just waiting to speak with my mentor before I do so.
  7. I was also accepted to NIU. Funding is up in the air. I’m just glad that I haven’t been shut out. This is my first acceptance (previously rejected from Chapel Hill and Northwestern).
  8. Created an account just to express my appreciation for this. I laughed.
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