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  1. ComradeAbeille


    Rejected at NYU this morning. Got the same thing about the bioethics MA that everyone else seemed to get.
  2. ComradeAbeille

    University of Michigan (late acceptances possible?)

    @mv90 I'm in the same boat. Their website says we should hear by March 15th. I've been assuming it's a rejection.
  3. ComradeAbeille


    Yep, Princeton! *dies of excitement*
  4. ComradeAbeille


    I was waitlisted there too, but I declined my place on the waitlist because I already got into my first choice. Good luck with Notre Dame!
  5. ComradeAbeille


  6. ComradeAbeille


    Woke up to a rejection from Rutgers. Pssh, I didn’t even wanna go there anyway! 😂
  7. ComradeAbeille


    Hi guys! I've mostly been obsessively watching the results page but finally decided to join you lovely people on the forum. I got accepted to Princeton on Monday (2/25)! Planning to accept their offer, so I'm declining the other two offers I was considering (UNC and Arizona). Hope this helps someone!
  8. ComradeAbeille


    Not sure if I remembered to post that one. Can confirm that I got accepted on Feb 11 (really nice email from DGS). Have since declined the offer.

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