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  1. Most depts are flexible if you tell them that this is the situation.
  2. I think there's also too much stock being put into the 'adcom process' as if each department has a secret recipe/ algorithm for sorting through candidates and producing exactly the cohort that represents their way of doing philosophy or something. More typically, after the initial sorting through of the gpa, gre, prestige of LORs, and other factors, you are left with around 20/30 extremely strong candidates and then it is a case of which writing samples/ philosophical projects appealed to individual members of the committee or, indeed, rubbed them the wrong way. Needless to say, it starts gett
  3. Yep, same email as above, waitlisted at NYU too. I wonder how long the list is.
  4. Writing sample, writing sample, writing sample. Spend all the time you can manage on it. Get honest feedback on it. If your advisors aren't prepared to be ruthless, find somebody who will be. Obviously don't phone the rest in but you can get away with relatively weak aspects of your application elsewhere just as long as you have produced something that is near enough publishable quality. And while there is some degree of talent required to write well, it is most definitely a skill that can be developed through hard work. Re-write as often as required, be ruthless with yourself, if your pa
  5. I don't want to make light of a rejection here, but this is hilariously bad by UMass.
  6. I personally found it pretty funny. But I can understand why it wouldn't be for all of us still anxiously refreshing for real news.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about the typos. I noticed some typos in my sample after submitting it but thankfully the admission committee in Toronto looked past it. In terms of time spent, it is hard to say, I probably ended up with around forty-plus drafts, and i imagine at least ten to twenty hours per draft. But I started researching and drafting this paper last spring so I thankfully had the time to spend on it.
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