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  1. Declined offers from Buffalo and Arkansas. Removed self from wait list at Rochester and Oklahoma.
  2. Accepted a great funded offer at Florida State! Did better than expected in the end.
  3. Maybe a silly question, but, does anyone know if there a particular time on April 15th by which decisions must be made? 11:59pm? Haha
  4. All are for PhD. Already got the master's
  5. Rejected: Notre Dame, Indiana Bloomington, Fordham, Baylor, Saint Louis University, NC Chapel Hill, Arizona Waitlisted(In estimated order of likelihood to be accepted based on vibe from DGS): Oklahoma, UT Knoxville, FSU, Rochester, UVA Accepted: Arkansas, Buffalo (Waitlisted for funding) Pending: Boulder (Presumed rejection)
  6. Waitlisted at FSU a couple of days ago. Been a really waitlist-y application season for me. Applied to 15; waitlisted at 5, accepted at 2, rejected at 7, 1 still pending. For one of those acceptances, I'm waitlisted for funding; so I count that, essentially, as 6 waitlists and 1 acceptance. Anyone got any theories concerning what about an applicant's dossier might make him or her attractive enough for lots of waitlists but not enough for acceptances?
  7. Accepted with funding at Arkansas.
  8. I hear this. This process has got me questioning my worth and viability as a philosopher - or even just as a student of philosophy - maybe even as a person! 1a/2w/6r/6 pending. Two of those 6 pending are presumed rejections. Very little possibility of going to a top 50 school remains, barring I get accepted at Rochester, where I was waitlisted (I emailed and was informed that the likelihood is low). Makes me wonder what the weaknesses in my dossier were. I assume the un-prestigious nature of both my BA and MA institution coupled with the relative obscurity of my letter-writers may have played a big role (Comes with the territory of un-prestigious institutions, which is doubly unfortunate for such individuals)
  9. Rejected at Indiana Bloomington
  10. I was rejected at Arizona. Email seemed mass, but was nice.
  11. Also rejected from Fordham. Not very disappointed
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