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  1. I have to say, I am unsure whether you are sincere or not. Either way, what is your opinion on MA AOI and PhD admissions, Prose?
  2. Dear again the grad cafe philosophy community, I am curious about your opinion of a masters area of interest and PhD admissions. I have heard (from a professor) that a masters AOI does not matter for PhD admissions. What matters is demonstrating your ability to produce quality work in philosophy. For example, your AOI and thesis is in X, but that does not matter towards your addmisions prospects for a program that specializes in Y. As I have lurked here on the gradcafe, I have read advice that this is not the case. What is your opinion on this? How much does an MA AOI matter
  3. Hi Philosopuppy, I don’t have an answer to your question, but I am curious how you learned your position on the waitlist. Was it stated in your waitlist email? Did you ask? From my memory, Tim O’Keefe stated he would not let prospective students know their position on the waitlist or their chances of getting in. Thanks!
  4. Quite impressive! Very nice insight. Thank you both for your help!
  5. Dear The Grad Cafe Philosophy Community, I am looking for advice on how often you all spend doing philosophy outside of class seminars (teaching or enrolled) in a typical week. How many hours do you spend reading? How many hours do you spend writing? I am inquiring so I can better understand what a typical week of time management is like for an academic philosopher, so I can then know how to improve my own time management. Thank you!
  6. Good! Mental health is important, especially among grad students. I hope you have a wonderful time at GSU!
  7. You should also consider how happy you would be at GSU. If you only take that program because of the funding, but end up being miserable there, it might do you more harm than the debt at Tufts.
  8. I'm sorry if I have been unclear. What I mean is that (trying to not name specific professors) there are some professors which, given their academic reputation, is why UCSB ranks 44th on the Philosophical Gourmet Report, but, are nonetheless poor advisors. Graduate students with a specific AOI looking to work under these faculty change AOI. My previous comment was too generalised; depending on your AOI, you are not missing much. Edit: typo
  9. Yeah. But, unfortunately some graduates changed AOI due to the poor professors (in terms of teaching and willingness to help) which make the department’s rank on PGR.
  10. Did UG there, honestly are not missing much. About 3/4th of the facutly professors hate teaching, and were not happy nor willing to help an aspiring grad. Graduate students were very nice though.
  11. Besides your opinion, this thread should be pinned because it indicates the contemporary issues of acceptance to a Ph.D program in philosophy, which I feel are valuable.
  12. I think you're wrong. There are clear precursors of a good applicant, but those precursors are not indicative of a successful applicant. And this is precisely due to the nature of the crapshoot* of philosophy admissions. Edit: *Typo
  13. I really hope a moderator pins this thread; I've benefited greatly from the inside scoop of all those who have posted here: spanning contemporary writing samples to the evident contentiousness of GPA/GRE numbers. This thread synthesises the gradual change and near mystical nature of philosophy graduate admissions. As a novice applicant, much appreciation for next years' cycle.
  14. Withdrew my MSc offer from the University of Edinburgh a couple weeks back.
  15. Hi! — Obligatory mention of: as soon as you know which school you will definitely not be accepting, drop them a line and let them know. You’ll spread rainbows over others on the waitlist. Good luck and easy thinking!
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