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  1. Just received word from UCLA that they won't be able to make a decision in time for me to respond to my Arizona offer---so, Arizona it is! I'm really excited!
  2. Removed myself from Notre Dame’s waitlist. Good luck to those still on their waitlist!
  3. And if anyone’s thinking about declining UCLA or Notre Dame, please PM me.
  4. Waitlisted at UCLA like the other poster. The email says acceptances have been out too.
  5. Not at all! I'm primarily interested in moral and political philosophy (of which Arizona is a powerhouse), philosophy of mind (especially the kind that's informed by neuroscience, so it's not really easy for me to give up on WUSTL right now), and history of early analytic (especially meta-questions about philosophy and its methodology)---but most excited when they intersect! I have side interests in philosophical logic and feminist philosophy as well. (I saw you were accepted to Ohio State. Congratulations! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.)
  6. I will turn down NIU, and withdraw from U Mass, Indiana, and Cornell. I hope it helps someone!
  7. Yes, I’m an urdergrad here, and I’m more than happy to answer questions! (Of course, I probably can’t guarantee I know everything about graduate life here.)
  8. Congratulations!! & to others as well!
  9. It means more people applied to School A. (Obviously not the answer you are seeking. I’m sorry I just cannot let this one go.) Deadline might be a factor? Recall the admission chair at my department saying we would receive more applications if our deadline were in Jan.
  10. I agree with what others have said about the usefulness of PGR. Granted, PGR reflects how a rather small group of philosophers views departments that practice English-language philosophy. However, that group of philosophers is pretty representative, or slightly more disturbingly, authoritative, of the English-speaking philosophical community at large. PGR is useful in the sense that it makes this representative view (RV) available for anyone's reference. Of course, you might think that RV is biased against certain departments, etc. But that is hardly the fault of PGR, which (presumably) merely
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