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  1. Declined offer to Boston College M.A.
  2. FOR STUDENTS ACCEPTED TO YALE DIVINITY SCHOOL: I am a second year student in the MAR program, graduating in May. Feel free to PM me with questions about the program, life in New Haven, campus life, student organizations, etc. I know this is a difficult decision for some of you. To be best of my ability, I'd love to help you get a better sense of what to expect if you come to YDS. Best to everyone!
  3. Rejected from Syracuse. Had one Skype interview, two phone interviews with my professor of interest (both of which exceeded an hour of positive conversation), and woke up to a rejection letter. Beyond devastated, feeling like I've been strung along for the last two weeks.
  4. If it has been a month since you've seen an acceptance on here for one of the schools you've applied to, should you solicit? What's the etiquette for soliciting to find out about your status?
  5. Rejected from Brown University. Not cool, man, not cool.
  6. Just received an e-mail inviting me to (Skype) interview for the Ph.D. in Religion at Syracuse University.
  7. Haven't heard anything from U Kentucky or Boston College. After seeing that multiple people have already received offers and/or interviews, should I go ahead and assume that I have been rejected?
  8. Rejected from Baylor via email. It's an honor to be the first rejected person in this thread. I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon.
  9. Waitlisted at Michigan State (not exactly sure where I fall)
  10. Waitlisted at Michigan State. Received email from graduate program director this morning.
  11. Can anyone confirm receiving news from Michigan State? If we haven't heard something, should we solicit or is it still too early?
  12. First time PhD applicant. Applied to: Boston College, University of Memphis, University of Kentucky, Baylor University, Michigan State University, Marquette University, Saint Louis University, Purdue University. Good luck to all
  13. I have a BA (2014, Philosophy & Religion), MTS 2017 (2017, Theology & History), and I will graduate in May with my MAR in Philosophy from a Top-tier Divinity School. I am applying to four Ph.D. programs in religious studies (Yale, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Brown). Interests include the history of modern philosophy (Kant, Kierkegaard), contemporary philosophy of religion, moral theology, and 19th-C American religious thought (specifically Second Great Awakening). Best of luck to others applying out!
  14. Muse2019, as a current student at YDS, I can assure you that YDS is a great fit for “nones.” When I visited as a prospective student I was surprised at the diversity of the religious community, and (frankly) that visit won me over. I’d definitely recommend coming to admitted students day to get a feel for the atmosphere. @muse2019
  15. I applied to one school and found out yesterday I am on the waitlist. What are the odds of getting moved up on a waitlist? What should waitlisters do in the meantime? What is the timetable? In other words, how long might this draw out?
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