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  1. My guess is that they'll release sometime next week (at the earliest). Perhaps the 28th if they're fond of Thursdays. I just can't imagine the adcom getting through that many apps in less than a week, but who knows. Wouldn't mind hearing back sooner (but only if it's happy news!!!!! they can keep the negativity to themselves 😤 )
  2. And it might help to look through some of the other "am I competitive/what are my chances/am I good enough/etc" threads on this forum to see what some people (i.e., those who are more qualified than me) have said in response to others, as I think their advice is pretty generalizable. This cycle is going to be decidedly shitty, so I wish you the best of luck in advance!
  3. Can't really speak to your qualifications because I'm applying right now, too, but you should know--assuming you're applying this cycle--that University of Chicago has suspended admissions due to the pandemic and won't bring new students in until Fall 2022 😕
  4. do you per chance know which of those schools don't fully fund all of their PhD students? 😬 And good to know about Villanova--I hadn't heard that that was a problem there.
  5. So, the Pluralist's Guide has actually moved sites, and the list is updated here (2019/2020): https://sites.google.com/view/pluralist-guide-to-philosophy/program-recommendations/continental-philosophy?authuser=0. From what I've seen looking through programs, a lot (though certainly not all) of the continental-leaning Catholic/Jesuit universities have people working in philosophy of religion (e.g., Boston College, Georgetown, Loyola, etc.). That said, I don't know about the realities on the ground--this is just from their department pages and the specializations listed by the professors, and it
  6. Hi there, I have no feedback to give regarding programs, but I can give you some resources that I've found helpful. I referred you to this spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yb_yciijFGEp5roVKYJ40U4eiREo3ZQTeSQkEjGMSsg/edit#gid=1857768419), and it has info about MA programs' funding (scroll over the notes next to the 'Funding' column). In addition, https://fundedphilma.weebly.com/ is a good resource, though I'm unsure of how recently it was updated. Also, http://dailynous.com/2015/11/18/ma-programs-in-philosophy-fund-students/, but again, the article is from 2015, so thing
  7. @hassanJD Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yb_yciijFGEp5roVKYJ40U4eiREo3ZQTeSQkEjGMSsg/edit#gid=339976266 And here is one that updates regularly about whether programs are waiving the GRE: https://frederick-choo.weebly.com/gre-philosophy-2021-admission.html
  8. Cal State Long Beach is a partially funded MA, and they've placed a student at CU. So has Oklahoma State, Western Michigan, and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, all of which are funded or partially funded--and that's just from my very brief look at the graduate students page. I would go there and look at the grad students' information and see where those who have MAs are coming from, and then look into those programs and see if any interest you!
  9. I am currently in the process of applying, so I certainly don't have much experience, but I think you should know that UC Boulder is reducing the size of their cohort this cycle, making it all the more competitive (check: https://frederick-choo.weebly.com/gre-philosophy-2021-admission.html and https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yb_yciijFGEp5roVKYJ40U4eiREo3ZQTeSQkEjGMSsg/edit#gid=1857768419 for more info about programs, updated regularly). In light of that, it might be better to focus on applying elsewhere (but that's up to you, ultimately!), and I concur with @Potato Cactus @PolPhil and
  10. Well, it's nice to know I have a shot! I'll definitely take the GRE, though most programs have already waived it. Miami University (OH) and Vanderbilt, both of which I'll be applying to, still require it, and you need to take it for uni-wide fellowships at Penn State, so it's a good idea to take the test. I think with some more time put into polishing it up, my writing sample will be solid. I talked to my letter writers about whether I should use a paper where I discuss my addiction, and they essentially told me that I should just be genuine and submit something that expresses who I am and
  11. I'm happy to hear that--especially if you've written letters for past students who've had success in getting into graduate programs. I definitely see that as being a trend, but some of the best instructors I've had have been contingent faculty, so it's obviously not a reflection of their quality as a teacher/scholar (indeed, some of the worst of my instructors were tenured!). Luckily, my two letter writers who are contingent faculty know some of the faculty at the programs I'm applying to, so their names will not be entirely unknown. I have seen the spreadsheet! It's honestly been suc
  12. Oh wow--I've been in touch with some of the graduate students in the philosophy program there, but they haven't mentioned anything (though they may not be as attuned to the workings/decisions of the department). But I know the comp lit program suspended admissions, so I guess I wouldn't be surprised.
  13. Fair assessment. I wasn't going to apply to strictly analytic programs, and, for the most part, I don't have a lot of interest in top-50 Leiter PhD programs either (exceptions: Georgetown and CUNY, which I consider to be my reach schools). I've just asked another tenured professor for a letter, and she knows and seems to be fond of my work--the term paper I wrote in her seminar is the essay that won the award for best undergraduate essay. Haven't heard a response back yet, but I'm hoping she'll agree. I'm definitely not opposed to completing an MA (esp. if it's funded), as it'll help me narrow
  14. Good to know. Reading through some of the threads on this forum, it seems like it might be easier to make that jump than the jump from analytic to continental? And I do have secondary interests in the philosophy of language, too, and I generally consider myself a pluralist, so I'm not opposed to applying to analytic-ish departments either. That said, I one of my primary interests is psychoanalysis 😬 (but this fact will certainly not be included on all of my SOPs hehe).
  15. Hi @eleatics! I, too, am remaining cautiously optimistic (albeit being patient is not my strong suit), and I figured that, at the very least, programs would have to admit fewer students this cycle. I've definitely added more funded MA programs to my list, but, unfortunately, it seems like there are less continental MA programs with funding than analytic, and I come from a continental background and have primarily continental interests. I'm going to be meeting with one of my professors from undergrad on Sunday, and he knows some higher-ups at Emory, Penn State, and DePaul (and likely more
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