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  1. I'm not sure, but reading the student comments here are pretty concerning. http://placementdata.com:8182/philosophy-phd-programs-washington-university-in-st-louis-and-stony-brook-university/ A shame because otherwise it has the potential of being very good.
  2. Thanks for your post (and the others as well). I'm afraid of attending a more analytic leaning program for an M.A. and mentioning a continental philosopher and getting eyerolls. I'd prefer somewhere where there's at least some semblance of mutual respect. I'm aware of the incestuous placement on both sides of the strongholds, but having looked at the placement data collected in recent years I'm simply okay with it, only in regard to acknowledging that reality. Leiter doesn't even really recognize the SPEP ones so I can't say I blame them. I hope this dynamic changes in the future though.
  3. So I'm getting my list of MA programs together and I see GSU and LSU as places to apply, but I'm having a hard time finding other places that give some sort of funding plus the GRE waived or not required. Mainly looking for those that place well into SPEP PhD programs or even those considered highly ranked outside of it that have at least a couple of professors that specialize in continental philosophy. Also open to interdisciplinary programs that place into the previously mentioned. Just in case, I'm from the USA. I have no idea how to get funding for international study. Also a minority
  4. As someone that looks like is on the way to getting only a single acceptance, an MA (on waitlist for funding but I'm high up), I can only recommend to applying to more places. I think I did about 17 applications...this season was brutal. Already hearing rumors about a bottleneck being a possibility in next year's. I think if you show that even though you were shut out this year, that you kept being involved and studying you should impress somebody. Wish you the best.
  5. Accepted to Kent State's MA, but had to contact about the funding and I'm waitlisted for the assistantship. I was also told that I'm high on the list. Anyone know the odds on this sort of thing? I'm not really sure what to expect and I'm on edge.
  6. Accepted to Kent State's MA program but on the waitlist for the graduate assistantship. So if you have already decided to go elsewhere please send your decline in!
  7. Rejected from Boston College's PhD program, but accepted into the MA program. I'll post here just for the good vibes. Still waiting to hear from ten programs, but this is a good start I'd say! I'll have them in consideration. Hopefully more to come soon.
  8. Awesome! Congrats! I'm waiting to hear back from them so I hope I have a chance. I noticed me and you applied to a lot of the same places. Maybe we'll cross paths some time, since we also share the same interests as well.
  9. Rejection from Memphis. I noticed on here someone just got accepted from Oregon in the results page, so I expect that to be my next rejection. I heard on here only one is being taken this year. Sorry to bring the bad news for you all.
  10. At least some people are on waitlists. I've only heard back from two of fifteen, both rejections.
  11. I see the waves of rejections on certain dates from a school on the results board, so if I didn't get one is that a good sign? I've yet to receive an official waitlist though or anything. The university in question is Boston College. Looks like rejections were sent out on the 11th via email.
  12. Another here, just got one from Penn State.
  13. Same boat. Hope you're taking it alright.
  14. First email back from a university and it's a rejection from Emory. Tough, I think I would have really liked it there.
  15. I appreciate your post. Hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised.
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