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  1. Funded MAs are a great idea for a lot of reasons. Happy to answer any questions anyone has about GSU in particular via DMs.
  2. Fwiw, I transferred this year and am happy to answer any questions anyone has in DMs.
  3. Did not get into UNC, but I did get into Michigan -- so I'm going to Michigan!
  4. Accepted off the waitlist at Michigan!
  5. Similarly, feel free to message me with any questions about Georgia State.
  6. Since people are asking here: if anyone's planning to decline an offer from Michigan, PM me
  7. Sardonic, you might check the application site and see if it says anything about your status. Idk how any of this works, but it's possible that might tell you something.
  8. I did follow up, actually -- should've mentioned that here. Forbes said the automatic email was indeed correct. He also said there wouldn't be an official prospectives visit, but that I was welcome to visit if I wanted to. He seems... much less on top of things than Pasnau was when I got waitlisted there a couple years ap.
  9. Accepted at Colorado, waitlisted at Michigan & North Carolina. Rejected by Rutgers, Arizona, UCSD & Georgetown. Applying from an unranked program. AOI - ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law. Very happy with these results. Even if I don't have any more luck, I love the Colorado program. I know that elite programs' waitlists probably don't move much, but I'm thrilled even by the possibility.
  10. I got an automated email from Colorado on March 6th to check my status. When I did, I was greeted by confetti falling down the screen over a letter telling me I'd been accepted. However, I've gotten nothing else (as in, no emails from Forbes, nor anything about a prospectives visit or anything like that). Has anyone else gotten the same? Or, maybe more importantly, has anyone else gotten more from them?
  11. I did not apply to Mizzou this season, however, I did a couple years ago. They were radio silent until April 26th (yes, really!), at which point they gave me an offer of full funding. I'd already accepted from a department I preferred over them, so I didn't go. I also know of one other person who got a post-April 15 offer from them.
  12. I'm waitlisted at Michigan and North Carolina. Neither of these are new: the UM one was in the first week of February, the UNC one was a couple of weeks ago. I don't know where I am on the UM one, but I assume I'm not hopelessly low, because Darby personally called me / invited me to the prospectives visit. UNC said it was a "short waitlist." Posting here because I'm curious -- does anyone have any sense as to how much movement really happens on waitlists at schools like UM & UNC? I'd be absolutely thrilled by either, but don't want to get my hopes up beyond reason.
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