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  1. Actually you may be more important than ever. If you have large class sizes and multiple discussion sections then you are much more likely to see students online through Zoom or BBCollab or whatever program your school uses. This is because the small sections are easier to manage in these high enrollment classes through the online programs, which can be glitchy and chaotic. Additionally, it will be much harder for professors to keep an eye on all the student class contributions. So you may need to pay even closer attention to students because it is easier for them to fall through the cracks online without ever being noticed. Also, many professors have adjusted by increasing the number of online prompts. Most, if not all, of which the TA will need to read and grade.
  2. "Hey TheFormOfTheGood I heard you got a girlfriend! What's her name?" "You wouldn't know her... she's from another logically possible world."
  3. Hi all! I got mostly waitlists last year, I can say this. On April 15th I received 3 offers (one of which I accepted). On April 16th I received another offer, still. So in reply to the first question, some people hear movement very early, but some of us do not hear anything until the day of.
  4. For what it's worth, I was fairly broad. The advice I had was that it shouldn't look like some list. To be fair, my AOI is not nearly as specific as some people's on here. My advisors suggested that I make it clear I know what I was talking about without "pigeon holing" myself. Here is the section from my statement of purpose if it helps, "At this point in my academic career, I find myself most drawn to the way that philosophical issues connect and intersect with one another. I am especially attracted to the studies of epistemology and metaphysics. Metaphysical theories of personhood and of Truth, for example, overlap quite with genuine moral concerns and epistemological ones respectively. What it means to be a person or for something to be true or false have implications throughout the field of philosophical inquiry." My application was middlingly received, so take that for what it is worth.
  5. I have accepted a PhD at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
  6. Just solicited a rejection from Green.
  7. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone here has, or knows someone who has, applied to Mizzou for this cycle and, if so, if they have heard/solicited any news from the department. I’ve seen nothing on the results page, here, the FB group, or anywhere else. They are way past when they usually release. Thanks in advance for any information!
  8. Rejected from Notre Dame 3r/1a/2w of 14
  9. Waitlisted at UW Madison top choice so,,, hopefully!
  10. Just accepted to NIU they said funding information is forthcoming, they plan to give 5 funded positions total.
  11. Waitlisted at University of Rochester
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