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  1. TheFormOfTheGood

    Final Outcomes

    I have accepted a PhD at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
  2. TheFormOfTheGood

    Declining Offers/Withdrawing Applications Thread

    Was your offer at NIU funded?
  3. TheFormOfTheGood


    Just solicited a rejection from Green.
  4. TheFormOfTheGood

    University of Missouri, MIZZOU

    Very ouch. Thanks though!
  5. TheFormOfTheGood

    University of Missouri, MIZZOU

    Thanks! Let me know!
  6. TheFormOfTheGood

    University of Missouri, MIZZOU

    Hello all! I was wondering if anyone here has, or knows someone who has, applied to Mizzou for this cycle and, if so, if they have heard/solicited any news from the department. I’ve seen nothing on the results page, here, the FB group, or anywhere else. They are way past when they usually release. Thanks in advance for any information!
  7. TheFormOfTheGood


    Rejected from Notre Dame 3r/1a/2w of 14
  8. TheFormOfTheGood


    Waitlisted at UW Madison top choice so,,, hopefully!
  9. TheFormOfTheGood


    Just accepted to NIU they said funding information is forthcoming, they plan to give 5 funded positions total.
  10. TheFormOfTheGood


    Waitlisted at University of Rochester
  11. TheFormOfTheGood


    WashU rejection. ?
  12. TheFormOfTheGood


    Rejected from Northwestern today, email to check ApplyWeb.
  13. TheFormOfTheGood


    I think it’s this: A 12 months stipend covers the whole year, a 9 month stipend covers the school year. In other words, the 9 month stipend often leaves you on your own for the summer and you have to get a part time job. I think 12 month stipends are more desirable as you get coverage through the summer (though you do have to work the summer usually as well).
  14. TheFormOfTheGood

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    I’m right there with you.

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