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  1. I, too, am waitlisted at Irvine LPS. I am in at UT Austin. For what it’s worth, UT has been transparent about their funding situation; they upped the first two years to 20k (so, not a ton, but not too different from many schools), and have additional funding opportunities down the road (e.g., if one teaches a class). Irvine certainly seems like a standout in terms of placement- I would only choose a couple of schools over it for studying phil of science/logic (Pitt HPS, Princeton, Stanford). They also send people to good industry jobs. Have they given you any indication of the likelihood
  2. Also assuming a UW Madison rejection.
  3. You, too! Hopefully we hear something soon.
  4. I applied to LMS. I have no idea- it looks like they tend to release anywhere from early to mid February, but there’s very little data. It would be such a cool program to attend, I think my chances are slim but I’m hopeful.
  5. The anxiety certainly gets to me, too.
  6. I think it’s the case that Pitt had previously announced paused admissions for several of their programs, but not philosophy. I would be very surprised if they retroactively announced a pause on philosophy admissions. Also, it reads to me like they are announcing that the admissions process will be paused for the academic year 2020-2021, and thus this pause impacts programs beginning fall 2021.
  7. Congrats!! Where else are you waiting to hear back from?
  8. I think you all are probably right. However, if it is a troll, then it’s certainly a more thought out and intentional one, which is unfortunate.
  9. Do we think the CMU posting is also fake? It would certainly be earlier than most years.
  10. Thanks! It’s not looking good for me, but fingers crossed for a waitlist or something similar.
  11. Can anybody claim that Duke acceptance? I interviewed with them but haven't heard anything back yet and am anxious to hear more.
  12. Damn, that seems late for Princeton! Oh well, gotta love the wait.
  13. Received an interview offer from Duke!
  14. https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=Philosophy
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