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  1. Happy to say I was accepted at my top choice today, and I accepted their offer. Overall: 1a/1w/8r This was my first time applying out, and I am blessed that I struck a home run on my first swing. Super stoked that I don't have to take that POS GRE again.
  2. This is my first time having applied out so I am trying to understand the system. So after April 15, will there be no offers extended to those on the waitlist should they not hear back (or in time) from the initial offers? How exactly does the deadline work with he waitlists? I ask because I am waitlisted at my top two choices, and I have yet to hear anything from them.
  3. I, too, just found out I have been waitlisted at UVA.
  4. I'm in, too: If anyone is planning to decline UConn, please PM me. I'd appreciate it!
  5. Waitlisted at Uconn with 25% chance of admission. I had to solicit. This is my top pick, so fingers crossed here.
  6. Did you solicit them?
  7. Duns Scotus


    Has anyone heard any news from UConn at all? I'm still waiting on them, and they're my top pick. I'm getting a little anxious as we are nearly a month away from the April 15th deadline, and I've heard nothing from them at all (even the doc notes this).
  8. Dude, your GRE scores and everything looks fantastic. How in the hell did you not get into any of the other schools?!
  9. I wasn't sure where to ask this, but I was on the GSU page looking at their placement, and under the 2019 tab, third from the top, it says someone got into "Duke and Connecticut." Has Uconn started releasing acceptances, then? Any other confirmation on this? Here's the link: https://philosophy.gsu.edu/graduate/placement-record/
  10. How did SLU let you know you were waitlisted? I haven't heard anything from them..
  11. This is actually very underrated advice. Crazy what hydrating our bodies can do for us. Unfortunately, I've been terrible with hydrating myself. Going to go grab a glass of water now.
  12. Pretty much me, too. I have both an anxiety disorder as well as Persistent Depression Disorder, and I've been in an depressive episode since January (only gotten worse the last few weeks). Headaches. Lack of sleep. Constant going to the bathroom. Stomach bloating. Trouble breathing, etc. I've just been getting through it lol. It's been hard to get serious work done, although I have been doing some reading and playing my drum kit.
  13. Haha, I laughed at it, too. I basically told my computer screen, "Well, fuck you, too, then."
  14. Same. Their rejection was kinda asshole-y, imo. *shrugs*
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