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  1. Hi all, I'm a first year psych phd student who has realized that I am more interested in pursuing philosophy. I am looking to start a funded philosophy MA program in either fall 2019 or spring 2020. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. My brother is going there for a PhD in a totally unrelated field. I should hook y'all up! Haha, mostly kidding. On another note, congrats!
  3. ❤️ Have a great life. It is expensive. NYU is a good school. Meaning is what really matters in life, considering that I could list a hundred facts like the two I just cited without helping unless they means something to yourself. It sounds like you'll be just fine.
  4. And to take it even further, before applying to grad school this fall, I did not know WUSTL, Chicago, Vanderbilt, NYU, CIT, UND, Northwestern, Emory, Georgetown, USC, UVA, Michigan, Brandeis, MIT, Bloomington, SUNY, any of those top 50 liberal arts colleges (still don't), any of those public ivies, etc......yeah, i was kinda weird. Actually, I didn't even know UPenn was an ivy until college. As a Northeasterner, whenever I thought about prestigious, basically just Boston schools, Rutgers, and UMass came to mind. For some reason, I thought public flagships were all prestigious enough.......and, actually, I still do. Really, its SO SO SO SO bizarre because the exception was I knew almost all the best schools in Boston and New York, ie Northeastern, Tufts, BU, Syracuse, Rochester, and Fordham.....I also knew duke, carnegie mellon and johns hopkins but I had no clue they were even remotely close to an ivy and I was way more impressed when I found out someone I knew went to Rutgers for undergrad compared to the fact that they went to JH for PHD......*eyeflinch eyeflinch* haha i didnt even know what a PHD was till junior year of hs......clearly, I'm an academic. ;P ? ? Do you like mine @DiscoTech? If its a perfect fit, why worry about ranking? Brown has a great name and as others have said, I never even knew of UNC until applying to grad school, so it seems like you would be getting "prestige" in either scenario, although Brown is a better fit. IMO, Brown would impress me 10x more even if its not top 25....
  5. Hello, Preparing for entering grad school, and one question I have is as follows: I have a new grad school e-mail address, yet I am cautious to login for the first time because there are indications that hackers have access to my current laptop and perhaps other devices. So, I plan to get new devices for grad school e-mails and such. However, part of the reason I was hacked, I belivee, is because I used my undergrad school e-mail. How can I maximize grad e-mail account security this time around? I would be willing to change my password weekly, but the problem is, once a hacker gets into a computer, they can keep accessing the new passwords as they update. Please help! Thanks, Psych-grad
  6. I am SO happy for you!!!!!!! Congrates!!!!!
  7. This is my main reservation. Others suggested the idea, and I was thinking it may demonstrate an interest as the OP suggested, but I decided against it because the entire visit begs the question.
  8. I'm doing this at two schools, but in both situations, they are programs similar to each other. Got an interview at one, and at the other, the POI recommended that I apply to the second program! So it is not necessarily bad at all! Sometimes it is encouraged!
  9. Hi I was invited for interview. My POI and I have informally interviewed via skype. I will be driving six hours to informally tour the uni by myself. Do you think that I could offer to meet with the POI during my time there? It would be next week, and I think that might be short notice? Plus he might not accept the invitation, which would be awkward when I see him for the actual interview.
  10. Good luck! I got one interview but that was mid December. I am concerned that you will get in. It is not my concern if I get in necessarily, only because I have some thoughts about psychology concerning or regarding where I'm at right now.
  11. We also both happen to love Carl Jung, I gather! :-)
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