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  1. Panic

    I'm right there with you. I test extreme low in neuroticism and am very even keel. I work a job that most people find stressful and it doesnt really phase me. However, this process has stirred up some negative emotions. I suppose my biggest fear is of failure and this process pokes at that spot like little else. Like others have said some of these things are out of our control. I just remind myself that I'm not going to stop until I get into a good fit program, so the universe might as well accept that so we can all move on.
  2. Great points made here. I only applied to two programs as I really focused on fit. This may prove to come back to haunt me as I've yet to hear anything. Spending too much time here will definitely stir up some negative emotion if youre still waiting. It has in my case and I always test very low in neuroticism.
  3. Well she was curt. Ah, this is nerve wracking.
  4. Thanks guys. I sent the coordinator an email explaining the situation since she'll see my second application anyway. With these applications theres such a sense that the process is a house of cards and one misstep will bring the whole thing down.
  5. I applied to a clinical psych program that was due December 1st. Since then Ive learned that a cognitive scientist at the same school is working an a research project that I feel is a perfect match for my back ground. This application is due on Jan 15th. What are your opinions of applying to two programs at the same school being that both of my SOPs will naturally be structured toward each professor. I dont want to be seen as dishonest or desperate.
  6. Could you DM me the initials of your poi please?
  7. Looks like it. =) Any news so far? I only applied to two programs and they both send out invites relatively late. One PI for one of them has started sending out interview emails and Ive yet to get anything so I'm starting to sweat. I found a cognitive psych MA that can potentially transfer to a PhD at UT Dallas in case this season is a bust.
  8. Has anyone heard anything from the counseling psych program at Colorado State Fort Collins? Perhaps even the request for the application fee?
  9. Looks like people are starting to get interview invites from the University of Houston program. Could anyone whos received an invite DM me their POI please?
  10. Best: continue working a soul draining job in EMS and volunteer in a lab until I can apply again. Craziest : sell everything and move to India to train under traditional meditation gurus, discovering the true nature of consciousness, becoming one with the universe and potentially losing all sense of self.
  11. Gotcha. Nothing wrong with hedging your bets. Your stats are similar to mine though and I think people with lower stats than us have gotten into programs. Good luck!
  12. Is there any reason you're not applying straight to a PhD program?
  13. Havent heard anything from Colorado State: Fort Collins (Counseling) as of yet. Will update here when I do.
  14. Nothing from University of Houston yet but from what I understand nothing goes out until mid January. I'll update here when I hear something.