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  1. Hi all - I'm not sure if I'm posting this to the right forum because I've never posted before... I was just accepted to the psych. in education (clinical psych.) MA program at Teacher's college at Columbia U. I have heard mixed reviews on this program and wondered if anyone here could share opinions - especially if you are at Columbia right now! Thanks!
  2. Haha it’s funny you mentioned the amount of schools I applied to.. someone else just commented on my post on another forum saying I didn’t apply to enough and that I limited myself. Your comment was reassuring. I did see that at least 4/6 if my schools have sent out invites..
  3. I applied to Syracuse too and no interview for me either... slowly freaking out..
  4. I have been freaking out all day since I found this forum... I applied to 6 clinical psych PhD programs and haven’t heard back from any.. SyracuseSUNY AlbanySUNY BinghamtonFordhamPittsburghBoston U I thought my chances were really good... (3.5 gpa, clinical internship experience, 2 years of research, REU, grants..) now I’m doubting myself... should I just take all of these as rejections since I haven’t hated from any? I’ve seen some people have gotten interviews from at least 5 of them....
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