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  1. rnf13

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    2nd year PhD, Honorable Mention VG/E, VG/E, VG/VG. I had absolutely no criticism in my reviews, they were all incredibly positive calling my research "sophisticated and original". Super bummed about not being awarded.
  2. rnf13

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    How are y'all seeing your comments? I haven't received an email or anything. Edit: found it
  3. rnf13

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    Honorable mention, and my only year able to apply. Oh well.
  4. rnf13

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    I can't wait for these results to just be posted, it's giving me so much anxiety. I had not one, but TWO panic dreams about this last night-- one where my materials were not reviewed, and one I just scored very poorly. Ugh, make it stop haha.
  5. After a very stressful past week, I have been accepted to the CNS program at USF and will be starting in the Fall!
  6. I'm in almost the same situation except the other student DID accept. I think it depends on what professors have the highest need for a student.
  7. I've been waitlisted at USF, and rejected from all of my other schools, so I'm not really sure what to do with myself right now haha. If you've been offered a spot in the CNS psych program and don't plan to accept pleaaaase let them know so they can continue down the waitlist! This is the only program I have a chance of attending and if I don't get in I will be heartbroken Anyone else not have great luck this year? I'm trying to be optimistic and hope that I'll be offered a spot off the waitlist, but I've also already started applying to research positions and such to boost my chances for
  8. I've been waitlisted for the second program that I interviewed with, and rejected from all others. The program director emailed me to say I made a very positive impression and am still being highly considered, but it just depends on who accepts and funding. This is super stressful because obviously it could be weeks until I hear anything. So in the mean time I'm trying to explore alternative options which is equally as discouraging. So, folks, if any of you have received an offer for USF's CNS program and don't plan on accepting, please do your girl (aka me) a solid, and let them know so
  9. Rejected from CU Boulder after attending interview weekend. Feeling very worried and nervous now as I only have one more school interested in interviewing me, and if that fails then it's back to the drawing board.
  10. I've been thinking about this too. I have a septum piercing and am probably going to take it out, but leave my nose stud in.
  11. Has anyone heard from University of Michigan's combined Psychology and Women's Studies program?
  12. I'm interviewing too! That's really nice that they're so accommodating of your schedule. Good luck at both!
  13. I've only had one informal interview, and I have another scheduled for tomorrow. The one from today said they would be letting me know about an in-person interview after they finish up phone interviews, and that it was all happening early because there was only one day when all of the faculty members would be available to do an on-campus visit. This leads me to believe that it's still early in the social psych world to be having formal interviews. I'm still waiting to hear from 4 schools so I think we're all in the same boat
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