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  1. The Positivity Thread

    @surprise_quiche I SAW BLACK PANTHER AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!! You're gonna love it, it's mindblowingly amazing. I wish I could see it with fresh eyes again. On another note, I'm about to go on a huge trip for France's February school vacations. I'm going to Luxembourg tomorrow, then Lisbon, Berlin, and the U.S. for campus visits! I'm going to be exhausted (furthest trip from luxury, since I am merely a broke 22 y-o language assistant who has grown an affinity for Flixbus), but I'm so excited!!!
  2. PhD in the US

    Hello!! Welcome to the language board Congratulations on your acceptances! I'm not an Italian specialist (I'm in French), but our departments have a lot of overlap, so I can try to breakdown the typical 5-year timeline. Note that these are generalizations based on my own programs, so your results may vary! First, it's going to depend on if you're coming in with a masters or not. Since you're European, I'm assuming you do. This is a somewhat important distinction because most with a B.A. actually take around 6 years (although 5 is what is projected.) The first two years are qualifying coursework (the en route "masters"), but I've heard that that can be cut down to one year for those already with a Masters in certain programs, if your credits transfer and are applicable. During so, year two typically sees the beginning of teaching as well (but I've heard some programs start as early as year 1). Year 3 is teaching plus the bare bones of research; reading list, prospectus, getting the graduate committee together and advancing to candidacy at the end of the year. Years 4 and 5 are idiosyncratic and depend on the student, but they're typically the research and writing years. Year 4 tends to include teaching, and year 5 -- at some programs -- don't require teaching so that students can work on their dissertations. This is also the job search year. If students need extra years, year 6 and year 7 are very common, and typically funded by teaching opportunities. In terms of qualifying coursework, it is typically done in 2 years. For language departments, a year or two abroad (especially for research/guest lectureship purposes) is incredibly common if approved by the committee. I'm not sure about doing the entire dissertation from abroad, unless it's specifically a distance program. I would anticipate spending the majority of your time in the U.S. Definitely ask your departments, since most of them should be able to give you a rough timeline (and if they can't, that's a bit of a red flag). If you can do campus visits, get inside information from graduate students as well. I hope this helps a little bit, and congrats again!
  3. Cornell 2018

    Hi! I've been admitted as well and I'm leaning towards Cornell. I would be going for French Literature. The Humanities Program there is fantastic, I love the interdisciplinary nature, the fit is near-perfect and the funding is outstanding. My one concern is Ithaca and now isolated it is, but I must admit that I've never been. I'll be visiting in a few weeks though, so hopefully that will solidify my decision! And I JUST learned about that fun Cornell fact! One of my professors/writers went to Cornell and he loved it, saying that this is actually quite formative in the school's identity as an elite, but incredibly egalitarian, institution.
  4. Austin, TX

    @CulturalCriminal Ah really? I knew Austin's rent was skyrocketing (I finished in 2016), didn't realize it was going up that fast. Thanks for clarifying!
  5. "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    I'm so stressed out with making a decision, that it's actually keeping me up at night. I have three great schools that I'm all locked and loaded to visit. However, I feel like my final decision is going to be between two. One has been a favorite of mine for a very long time, but their funding is notoriously difficult and it's in a RIDICULOUSLY expensive region, so finding housing is famously near-impossible. This being said, the department environment is awesome and I've been told that I'd fit right in (by old professors and faculty at the school themselves). They're a gigantic school with tons of professional options and training for students, have a graduate-student run journal that's really prestigious, etc. They're giving me five years of funding, but completion tends to be 6 or 7 (I only have a B.A.) and after 5 years, I've heard it's sink or swim. That is really not the dilemma I want to be facing as an already-broke PhD student. The other school is a smaller school in the Ivy League. Ranking/prestige are about the same in my field. Their funding is ridiculously generous (I'm still in shock at how good it is, and that will most likely be the deciding factor). However, the environment issue is really stressing me out. I almost wish I could just push that school somewhere else. This was a relatively new school on my watch list, so I haven't been hyping it up as much as the first school, but they've been really impressing me with how well put-together they are and how good the fit is! I know that campus visits will help a lot, but I'm still stressed. To make it even harder, every single person I've been in contact with at every institution has been way, way too nice for me to even stomach the thought of turning down their offer. There's one school in particular (the rough funding one) where I feel like the staff have been my friends for years. I'm an empath and am also extroverted, so I love personal interaction and also become emotionally attached quite easily. I know this isn't the most important part of picking a program, but it is weighing on me. /end vent!
  6. Hey all! I'm about to pack my bags and head to three campus visits in late February/March, and although I'm feeling super lucky and excited, I'm already really, really torn between the programs (to the point that it's keeping me up at night). Thankfully, my programs have been pretty transparent with placement, funding, etc. and they're all a good academic fit and similarly ranked (great schools for my goals, and the differences are incredibly marginal). They're also all in vastly different environments, which I definitely plan to keep in mind. Everybody has told me that visits will really solidify fit/environment, and the decision would be pretty clear after making the visits. With this being said, are there any certain departmental quirks that you all are planning to look out for, or found important while doing your campus visits, beyond the city/administrative details such as funding and placement? Anything hit you as a red flag? Green flag? Any stories or specific notes you took while meeting with cohorts? I know it's just my nerves talking and over questioning, but feel free to commiserate with me as we plan for campus visits!
  7. Fall 2018 French

    Just for laughs, I got another email today from a graduate coordinator and got excited! Just to see that it was Penn sending me... another version of their rejection (thanks!)
  8. The Positivity Thread

    @Adelaide9216 awesome, thank you!!
  9. The Positivity Thread

    OOH @Adelaide9216 which film is it?! And is it showing in France?
  10. Gradblrs (Grad student Tumblr blogs)

    I'm probably about to restart mine! I was very inconsistent with it during undergrad, but I'm definitely going to start to use it again during grad school! I'll PM you the link
  11. Fall 2018 French

    @Green.Mango it seems that this week is when they send out first decisions. Crossing my fingers for both of us!
  12. Fall 2018 French

    Congratulations @Carly Rae Jepsen!! @Green.Mango I think I remember you saying that you applied to Harvard, and so did I! Do you happen to know if they do interviews or not? I've recently been told that they do, which is concerning (never got one), but I've never seen evidence of any interviews on prior boards...
  13. Fall 2018 French

    @Yanaka AHH!!! Oh gosh, that's you!! Congratulations!! Félicitations!
  14. Fall 2018 French

    Looks like an international candidate got into Rutgers in the results page, so best of luck to all of y'all -- hopefully you guys get some good news soon! @awhiterussian I'm sure you did better than you think you did. Was it mostly in French?
  15. Fall 2018 French

    OKAY @Carly Rae Jepsen I SEE YOU! Congratulations! No new acceptances or rejections, but one of my POI from Cornell called me today just to say congratulations and it was ridiculously sweet. Also got all of my dates lined up for spring visits and such!