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  1. Hello! I'm joining Mccombs for MS in Marketing Analytics. Gonna move down there by early July (program starts mid-July)
  2. GradAppl5

    Austin, TX

    Hey there! I'm joining a business program at Mccombs this summer! If anyone has any good resources for roommates/housing, please let me know! I've sent in a join request to the facebook group, but it's still under processing Also, how authentic is 24th street realty? They have very divided reviews online
  3. 1. Do not ignore early rounds, especially for rolling admissions (international students, take note!). They are your best shot at getting admission and desired funding. I applied on the last day of the last deadline, which left very few spots and minimal, almost non-existent funding. For international students, visa timing issues may also arise. 2. Only apply to schools you'll actually attend if you get in. No need to donate all those $$$. I applied to my safety school and it was the first one to respond. Made me realize I'd take a drop year over going there. 3. Be more selective in your selection of schools. Apply to reach, sure (you miss all the shots you don't take etc.) but apart from that, only apply to schools you know you have a very good chance of getting in. Again, no need to spend so many $$$. 4. Talk to alumni before applying or accepting. Stalk them on LinkedIn. It will give you a good idea of your life at the end of grad school. Some such interactions were very eye-opening in terms of the career prospects I could expect. 5. Keep all your application material ready and proofread in advance! At least by a week or two. I fell sick during one of the final deadlines and had to write my SOP through 2 hours of brain mush.
  4. Hello fellow grads! I'm going to UT Austin (Mccombs) for Marketing Analytics MS in summer 2019. Currently looking for roommates and housing. Anyone else coming to Austin?
  5. Coincidentally I got my acceptances while on a call with other applicant friends, discussing how I was going to stop obsessively checking emails/portals/TGC and start working out details of a solid backup plan
  6. Oh, thanks for letting me know!
  7. Excitement: I got accepted to one of my top choices! Worries: The decision-making is proving to be a task. I wish I knew all the variables that will affect my future going into any one university. Actually, I just wish I knew legit soothsayers.
  8. Hello everyone, I need some advice with choosing between these two schools. Both schools have great coursework in this program, and the location factor is irrelevant to me as the course is only for 10 months. I am international student, and my primary criteria is mitigating any risk in job prospects. My personal preference is to work in marketing intelligence firms. From that perspective, which of the two is a better option? I have heard that in USA, location matters when it comes to where you get placed. So should I go to Purdue if I wish to work on the east coast?
  9. Did anyone hear from John Hopkins? A friend of mine's applied
  10. I studied quantitative reasoning from Manhattan's strategy guides and the 5 lb prep book over a period of three weeks, while also solving problems from ETS' official guides and practice tests. It definitely helped since I managed to score 166 there! As for verbal, I flipped through Magoosh flashcards once a day for almost two weeks. My score was 160, which I think could have definitely been improved with more comprehensive reading.
  11. Seconding this. Galvanize is seriously amazing. It's especially good for Quants
  12. Worried: Think I messed up my interviews. Started channeling a stiffly nodding, squeakily answering person in one. The other lasted a little over ten minutes, which is not a good sign. I also need help with not checking my emails so obsessively. Excited: Interviews were from my top choices! That's one step closer. Going back to school this fall feels less like a distant reality now.
  13. Are you studying math problems directly from Manhattan 5 lb? That book has a lot of incredibly difficult questions. Maybe you could start with Manhattan's strategy guides, which give a conceptual understanding, eventually escalating difficulty of problems, and handy shortcuts. In case you want any of those guides, I'd love to share them with you! Also, rehashing what everyone's already said: 30th percentile is very doable, even when you've been out of touch with math for a while.
  14. Hi! Is anyone else applying for masters programs in marketing? I barely see any updates for this on the front page
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