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  1. Hi Adagoose, I won't try to tackle the job of identifying top ranked programs - as you've already noted, and is so often the case in all manner of conversations around rhetoric, the answer is almost always 'it depends'. But as someone who identifies as working with environmental rhetoric myself, I can offer a few schools you might be interested in. First, have you considered an MA? Oregon State has a fully funded MA with some excellent faculty who work with environmental rhetoric (speaking from experience). University of Washington and University of South Carolina are definitely worth con
  2. From my experience, I'd agree for the most part with others that have chimed in here in that you don't need a works cited page with your SOP. I aimed for incorporating maybe one especially useful quote in talking about how my work fits into the field at large as well as a quote or two from a POI to show how my work aligns with their ongoing research, and this worked out well for me. So I wouldn't necessarily say that more than one quote will detract from your ability to write an effective SOP, but certainly erring on the side of less is more would probably be advisable.
  3. I would second Glasperlenspieler's advice. I didn't submit any of my applications until right around the day before they were due and was accepted to almost every program I applied to, so in my experience there should be no problem with waiting to submit until you have fall grades in. If you have questions about Rhetoric programs in particular too, feel free to DM me!
  4. @tacocat211 I'm still waiting on Penn State as well but have mostly accepted that as a no at this point. As for UT, I can say that I will be going to their recruitment weekend but already feel very strongly about another program and just want to give Austin a chance with the visit before making my final decision. But you can most likely expect some movement on the waitlist at the end of the month! Hope that inspires some optimism ☺️
  5. Any thoughts/tips on how to inquire about placement rates and positions for recent grads from a program? I've seen a few departments include some information about recent placements on their websites, but even that doesn't necessarily reflect the percentage very accurately. I feel a bit awkward asking a DGS the question but I also consider it quite important in making the decision between schools to get a clear picture of how the program is viewed on the job market.
  6. Will be emailing ASU this weekend to turn them down because it's not as good of a fit as some other offers I've received and no guarantee for consistent funding. Hope that opens up a spot for someone here! Also, it would be helpful if folks could give some insight as to why they are declining offers. It would certainly help me as I'm trying to wrap my head around how to make the final decision between my top schools!
  7. I got an email from the department on 1/28 immediately followed by an email from POI, and just yesterday got an email from the grad school as well. I know they are still in the process of determining funding too so maybe they are also not finished yet with finalizing their acceptances? This is also for rhet/comp so may not be entirely applicable to your circumstance. Holding out hope for you!
  8. @Gradbean congrats on MSU and UW-Madison! I've been waiting to see when Michigan would finally start contacting folks, glad it seems like it might be about that time!
  9. Got an automated email at 3:00 am this morning notifying acceptance to ASU's PhD, but no mention of funding or anything. Not sure about the MA though, but hopefully you'll hear soon?
  10. I've been accepted into the Rhetoric concentration, and have some crossover with DLL too. Would love to hear from the other Rhetoric folks who might be visiting/accepting!
  11. I believe Wisconsin is planning to send out funding info sometime mid-February. I was accepted into their rhet/comp PhD program with a similar note that said "later in February, we will send you an official letter informing you of your admission and describing your financial support package in detail." I'm not sure if/how they typically fund their MAs, but it sounds like they are still sorting out how their money will get spread around through funding so I'd hold tight and keep my fingers crossed
  12. Yes @Junebug01 thank you for starting this thread! Always good to get in touch with my fellow Rhet/Comp fam. As more announcements roll in and it gets closer to decision time I'm sure I'll have questions to throw out here! For those who have heard back from Michigan State, when did those emails go out? I had expected them to be one of the first to contact applicants because of their early deadline.
  13. @NAL yes I did. Hoping that the literary studies announcements mean C&R should be just around the corner! Honestly not sure if there's any correlation though since I'd imagine the admissions committee is different for each program. Fingers crossed for both of us!
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