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  1. Hm I haven't been able to find it. Could you attach a link?
  2. I was put on the waitlist as well. I'm disappointed, but Dr. Perez said that I was high up on the waitlist so hopefully if someone is planning on turning down their offer then I'll hear soon. Since I'm out of state, this will make or break me going to UT Austin.
  3. Were you able to find out any info on project-linc funding? That's awesome that the trip went well! I've heard really good things about the school from my professors.
  4. That would be amazing! I'm from out of state too and don't know if I can swing the plane trip to visit the campus before making a decision. I know most people visit their school before they make their decision, but I've had friends visit UT Austin, and they absolutely loved the school... I might just decide to go without visiting even though that's a little scary to me
  5. Has anyone else applied or heard any info on the Project LINC-SLP funding that Austin offers? Are we supposed to hear back before the April 15th deadline?
  6. I've just been accepted into UT's program and was wondering what other students, who may have attended for their undergrad or have visited the school, thought of their speech program? I'm interested in bilingual therapy as that's a huge draw for their school but was also concerned about funding. They mentioned in their email that they had some "limited ga positions", but I was interested in how many grad students actually get these positions. If anyone has more info on this then please let me know, thanks!
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