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  1. Just officially declined UT Austin. Very sad to do so but happy that someone else will find out good news this week!
  2. Same!!!! It's really hard to just make the move! Would love to have gone but out of state tuition is just too high when I can pay in-state somewhere else.
  3. I'm going to have to do the same today, it's hard to officially decline! But out of state tuition is just too much for my financial situation. Hope you love the program you choose!
  4. I hope you get it! It’s sweet that you are high up on it. It’s the same for me, out of state so not having the funding will be a clear “no” very sadly.
  5. Yes which I think is their kind way of saying I didn't get it.
  6. Just got an email that I'm on a waitlist but no luck yet!
  7. I wonder when they'll tell us!! The deadline is so so soon.
  8. @Aspire_to_Be that would be SUCH A HUGE HELP!! Thank you!! Was there a specific day they said you could tour or were they accomodating with your schedule? I feel like it's sadly now too late even if I wanted to swing it/or were able to show up in a week haha.
  9. Did anyone have the chance to visit their Open House in the fall? Or did anyone tour at another time? Curious what the overall vibe seemed like! Still have to figure out the financial aid end of things...
  10. Congrats Rezzy S!!!!! I am really happy but also a touch sad because I have an in state tuition option and don't think it'll make sense to go pay about double at UT Austin. Which is hard to accept because I would love to go there so much!
  11. I am feeling the same! I will hear back from one more school and then it'll be between that and Boulder. I haven't visited yet but am planning on going to the open house. Is anyone else going?
  12. If it helps anyone, I received an answer from UT Austin this morning!
  13. Hi all! I have no idea if anyone still looks at this the year after they are accepted, but for anyone who decided on CU, how do you like the program???? I was accepted this week and it's one of my top choices!! But it's always hard to know what it really is like once you're going through the motions and get to know the faculty, teaching styles and organization of the department. What do you think??
  14. I feel you!! That's exciting about Madison especially!! I also applied to UT Austin. But I can get in-state at Boulder so even though we haven't even heard about Austin I think I have to cross it off the list. But I would love to go there!! I wish money weren't a factor.
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