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  1. I am more than positive that they really consider prerequisite grades heavily. Or at least from what I've gathered. Make sure to keep them up, especially if your out-of-field GPA is low. They have equal weight.
  2. Do they have a map or something to indicate which areas are considered high needs?
  3. If you’re done before 2020, it should be fine. Although be aware your CFY grants you your CCCs so if you get up to 2020 with the CFY, the requirement would likely still apply. (Which is less than a year now)
  4. Hey there! Thanks so much for your reply. I had the opportunity to speak to a faculty member so I did manage to get some information on the program!
  5. From what I’ve been told, ASHA has set the standard for the physics/chemistry requirement to go into effect in 2020; since you’ll still be a student by that time, you must take physics or chemistry. Usually if the course does not have any references to physics or chemistry, it is not valid. If you put up a description or the course (or syllabus description), it would be helpful.
  6. Bump! Does anybody know who to email to rescind an acceptance? (director, admissions office, etc.)
  7. Is anyone familiar with these programs or has gone to these programs? thank you!
  8. I would strongly encourage you to email Ms. Wolff for more information on this. This would be the person who likely sent you the email of acceptance.
  9. Bump, I'd like to know too! @Blossom19 Will you be applying to the program? When I had the interview with them, they said that all questions are the same for each interviewee. These are... 1) Why choose CSU East Bay? 2) Why are you qualified for the program? 3) I can't remember the 3rd question but it should be something geared toward working with others or within a setting. (Sorry about that)
  10. Ah shoot that is quite awkward. I think the first thing you should ask yourself is were under a circumstance where you had no choice but to place a deposit down? One of my choices basically forced me to decide much earlier than the common April 15 date so I might be in the same predicament as you soon.
  11. @Rezzy S. but you literally said absolutely nothing offensive; I too was curious about the downvote!
  12. I heard the same and it it likely is (considering bilingual SLPs are also high in demand). You should apply regardless; you never know and it could be missed opportunity.
  13. Thank you so much! I guess it’s sitll going on. We’re so close to the April 15 deadline and I know for sure this is the date QC is done with applications haha.
  14. Your should hear today or next week’s end. The person I spoke to mentioned that Dr. Perez would try her best to reach out before the April 15 decision deadline.
  15. I’m unsure of the statistics for schools you applied to, OP (GPA average, GRE average, etc.) but be sure that your own stats align closely with your school choices. As someone had previously mentioned, you may want to strongly consider taking courses to boost your overall GPA. Retaking the GRE is another option but I much prefer the former. One of these stats will need a boost to put you on a more competitive standing. in addition, be sure that your statement is unique and excellent. Have it reviewed by faculty that have had experience with graduate admissions processes or are strong writers and critiquers. The statement is definitely something that stands you out among others. Finally, don’t give up on your dreams. Do your very best to increase your application credentials for the next round and really out your best foot forward. Be sure to look out for programs that align closely with your stats and do not be afraid to move out for these opportintiies (especially if they provide funding).
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