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  1. You are quite right. My research proposal is focused on equality as a fiction, as a narration of being and belonging and tracing those narrations in a genealogical form.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know of good supervisors/universities to pursue a PhD in Continental Political Philosophy - Critical Theory? I'm mostly interested in Europe (UK, Germany, France) but I'd also welcome any suggestions from the US as well. Caveat: Neither my French nor my German are good enough, so it would have to be a programme that allows the dissertation in English. Thanks!
  3. Hello academia people, I just got admitted to the PhD in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. While I was doing the application everything seemed great, but lately (Murphy's law?) in close circles I've been hearing it's not really a good choice for a PhD, since it would not provide good opportunities to work outside of Spain. Most comments rely on the rankings (QS: 165; THE: 201-250) but not a lot on actual experience. I was really sure back when I applied, but now I've been struck by the fact that every description of Barcelona and its universities seems to go to not-very aca
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