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Hello academia people,

I just got admitted to the PhD in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. While I was doing the application everything seemed great, but lately (Murphy's law?) in close circles I've been hearing it's not really a good choice for a PhD, since it would not provide good opportunities to work outside of Spain. Most comments rely on the rankings (QS: 165; THE: 201-250) but not a lot on actual experience. 

I was really sure back when I applied, but now I've been struck by the fact that every description of Barcelona and its universities seems to go to not-very academic comments: sun, chill, nice people, nice beaches, etc. 

I'd like to have some insight into the actual rigour and seriousness of the programme and the university. Thanks a lot

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I can't speak to the auality of the programme at Barcelona, but I can tell you two relevant things:

1. The rankings you cite (QS, THE, etc.) are garbage when it comes to evaluating strength in a particular discipline. Even their rankings of Anglophone departments can't be trusted, let alone their rankings of non-Anglophone departments.

2. You will struggle on the market even if you go to a university with a stellar international reputation. Especially on the international market. Barcelona will absolutely count for more in Spain than elsewhere. On the other hand, a Spanish PhD probably wouldn't get discounted as much as a low-ranked Anglophone PhD. Especially if your supervisors are stars and you're well-published.

And we all struggle terribly on the market. Sone people struggle marginally less, it's true, but I wouldn't hang my hat on the difference.

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