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  1. What is your subfield? If you're Theory, then Language especially German, French. If American, then quant. If IR, then it probably depends on where you feel weaker/what your research interests are. If you want to use a lot of data analysis for research, then quant. If not, and especially if you don't have any significant 2nd language ability, then language. Comparative is the same scenario as IR, I would say. Speaking as a Theory/IR person, I've found having a UG minor in German was helpful for getting into my master's program because it showed a very focused initiative on my part towards European Integration studies at the time (I've since moved away from that focus though). With that in mind, I think an IR/Comparativist can distinguish themselves by having language ability in the region they are studying. Conversely, there are heaps of people with quant 'focuses' who have very little actual research focus beyond that. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I mean, you could have no visits to conduct at all. I would think that would be a bit more depressing. Not to invalidate your feelings in any way, but you're in a much better spot to have decisions to make rather than no acceptances/options at hand. I hope it all goes swimmingly!
  3. Luka, you're making millions in the NBA, what do you need to go to UCI for?
  4. I'm a Theory person (hence the name), and I don't really see much by way of RA opportunities for Theorists outside of actually being in a phd or ma program, unfortunately. I think it has to do with the nature of the sub-field since there isn't a lot of work that can be delegated to an assistant a la stats. Maybe some think tanks have positions, though those are, of course, more policy-focused generally speaking. The ones that are more likely to have a few theory-ish spots though are probably places like AEI OR Hudson which will have a very Straussian-slant and may not look great when trying to go into proper academia, though that is just my personal impression.
  5. I think you're on the wrong thread, Placebo. Good luck anyways.
  6. Well, I think Brown is a little higher in the rankings and has the benefit of being among the Ivys (for prestige purposes), but really the difference is probably in subjective things like personal fit and POI fit. I am guessing no notification for me signals an implied rejection (also in the same boat with you for UChicago).
  7. Any idea if Hopkins Theory has come out folks?
  8. Let's get this bread.
  9. Hey gang, First, thank you to everyone for the varying perspectives. I value all of your input! Second, I am sorry if I gave off the impression that I have no background in philosophy. @hector549 I have taken some UG courses in Philosophy of Religion, Post-Modernism, and Nietzsche (including having extensively read the vast majority of Nietzsche's written work and translated some fragments from German to English). @ProseI don't mean for philosophy to come off as my panic option and I didn't originally clarify that this would be applying to MAs rather than PhDs. I have long held an interest in philosophy and have long felt the distinction between theory/philosophy is trivial. (I understand there are some methodological differences, however, I consider myself adaptable in that regard). My interest in doing an MA in philosophy is to give myself a more formal education in an area that I have long held an affinity for and have already been incorporating in my work to this point. I think its more about broadening than about switching in my mind. @notaphilosobro1k90 The politics between analytics and continentals is something I have faced in my academic career even in politics. This sort of pettiness is rampant in both departments, creating rigid distinctions where none need exist and propagated by small-minded compartmentalists (yeah, I made that word up). It's so unproductive and so sad. @_izzythekid_ I have mostly Foucault and Derrida in mind, though I am interested in Baudrillard and Deleuze (Guattari) as well. I'd particularly like to do work using the genealogical method building off of Foucault and Nietzsche's work on morals as the product of power relations, however specifically applying this to IR and to academic IR Theory. Anyways, I appreciate the feedback from you all and I am sorry if my desire for interdisciplinarity has offended anyone!
  10. Hey all! So I've been meandering about the Phil forum for a few weeks now as my luck on my politics PhDs seems to be running dry. I am reasonably well-read in some philosophy topics (mostly Nietzsche and the Post-Modernists), though I don't have a lot of experience in 'proper' Phil departments. I have a background in Political Theory and International Relations, and the short version of what I am interested in is ethics and moral claims in IR, specifically using a post-structuralist frame of reference. My question is: is this at all an area discussed in Continental Phil departments or am I theorist barking up the wrong tree? I appreciate any insight you fine folks can offer. I am considering shooting an app to Loyola Marymount to broaden my ethics base; does anyone have any thoughts on their program? Thanks!
  11. Not too sure. I've noticed a trend that the mid-ranked schools often get turned down by their top picks (and they know it), so they could have a 2nd round or a very active waitlist I suspect. Just my guess though.
  12. I am, but they said to give them this week to notify people, so it shouldn't be too long now.
  13. For anyone waiting on Oregon: I gave the department a call today and they told me that there will be a 2nd round of admissions coming at some point (implied in the near future). The person I spoke with said she didn't know when the committee was re-convening, but she said all decisions will be out before March 15th.
  14. That's nuts! I was scheduled to re-take the GRE the day after the fires broke out too (I also live in that area). I wound up not going because I was evacuated from my house at 3 am. (5 hours before I was supposed to be there!
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