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  1. I think my schedule was maybe a bit unorthodox compared to what others have experienced, but I will share anyways. As part of my program I am employed as an instructor of record for an undergraduate class (meaning I am THE instructor, not an assistant). So I taught an IR class twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes each session, and had 3 graduate classes which were once a week for two hours and fifty minutes, also this of course involved prep time, grading, etc. Teaching was awesome and my students really helped keep my spirits up as the semester wore on. I don't think most programs wil
  2. 1st-year Theory/IR PhD student here: no quant for me. My advice for theory folks is: 1. get ready to read 2. pre-reading before you start is a great idea 3. Even if you think you have a really strong base in theory going in, you probably don't. Most of my theory cohort came in super ill-prepared and it showed.
  3. I think ultimately the number itself isn't as important as the breadth. As many have pointed out, they've evaluated 'safes', 'possibles', and 'reaches'. My advice to anyone reading is to make sure you don't put your eggs into too many dream schools. Especially with the current state of admissions (or likely the lack thereof), I can't picture many people being able to very accurately predict where they will be admitted right now, so do yourself a favor an apply broadly. Treat every one like its a dream, because in some sense, 2021 admission has a realistic chance to be a total fantasy consideri
  4. I think it's always a good idea for the same reasons as others have listed. I actually discussed my now-supervisors work explicitly in my SOP and got in, so just make sure you know what you're talking about and I think it can be endearing.
  5. The problem though is that while there are race and gender critical theorists dispersed, it can be difficult to find a program which has a concentrated cluster on different topics which might interest critical scholars. I myself focus on critical security studies, which is not easily found many places in the U.S. Since OP wants to do critiques of economic ideology, they have a similar set of problems to deal with. Unless you really want to focus on gender and race issues specifically (I don't), then the places where you may fit is smaller than it seems in the U.S. I can say as someone who has
  6. My vote would be to single-space it and just make sure you aren't over two pages. Page count seems more important as a guide for this sort of thing, rather than word count given that they aren't going to check wc.
  7. Well, I'm a lot like you in terms of theoretical disposition, so I'll tell you it takes a lot of digging to find places that fit us. You should check out departments like Duke, Johns Hopkins (home to the immortal William Connolly), UCLA maybe, UVA, UC Irvine, Colorado at Boulder maybe, Virginia Tech ASPECT, maybe UC Santa Cruz, UH-Manoa. There may be a few others that folks can add. This list includes a range of ranks and difficulties of getting in, so I didn't discriminate between what some people think is 'good' or not. These are just departments that I know have people working broadly on sm
  8. I did an MSc in International and European politics at a UK university (not Oxbridge, but only one peg below). Like you, I studied abroad in UG and it lit a fire within me to go back. I had the benefit of being able to take both Europe-focused courses and general IR, which I think helped to keep my profile broad. I actually discovered there that I don't really care for EU politics and wanted to focus more on IR in the broadest sense. I will be starting a PhD in the US this Fall (though this does not qualify anything that I say beyond mere personal experience). I am not really going to ans
  9. Hey Moss, I did my MSc in IR at Edinburgh. To tell you the truth, I am not very familiar with the other schools on the list aside from Warwick sort of. I found Edinburgh to be a really awesome place to live, though I felt the department was very hands-off. My views are therefore pretty mixed on going there. I can say that based on your interests, Dr. Oliver Turner would be a great person for you to get to know. He is a really cool instructor and seems to care about students much more than many other faculty there. Also, you will find a large amount of students in your cohort from Asia, es
  10. Hey Captain Marvel, You got into UCI, right? Do you happen to know if they are taking a smaller cohort this year?
  11. So now that there is a waitlist post on the results page, I can't help but feel that means they have made all of their decisions. I wonder if they had a very small yield this year or just not a very active applicant group on Gradcafe.
  12. Well, now we've got three interview requests and two acceptances. Though its possible two of the interviews are the now acceptances, making only three posters. Nevertheless, I'm starting to worry. Hopefully this will be our week.
  13. Nah, you'll be fine. I just wanted to use that meme. As you say, there are some sympathetic to Palestine in the department and that sounds like an interesting comparison to me. I was more guessing you were saying like "Israel should take the West Bank" and I was thinking ... yikes. Perhaps this is the wrong mentality but I like to swing for the fences. Some people will hate it, but the people who don't usually think its brilliant. I'd rather be brash than boring. Hopefully it will work for you and you'll go into the fall with a reputation as an all-star.
  14. I think it depends on how strong your stance is and how well the piece conforms with academic norms. (Yes, I realize that rhymed.) If it doesn't...
  15. My UK MSc was not funded. I went to one of "the big UK unis" and earned an MSc in IR. A big reason why I chose to go there was because at the time, I was very interested in regional integration theory (EU) and so I felt that Europe would be the prime place to study that, rather than here in the US. Also, the fact that I liked being in Europe was certainly an important factor. Additionally, given that I went to a very small (unheard of) US liberal arts college for UG, I wanted the big name school to augment my profile. I am currently doing an MA in Continental Philosophy in Switzerland. I
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