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  1. This is like a cup of cold water to the face. Especially as I process the rejections and think what do I need to do more of. It is excellent advice. Thank you.
  2. So I already have 2 masters. One in Interreligious Engagement (Comparative Theology) and a Master of Theology that focused on philosophy- Kant, Foucault, Aquinas and Pragmatism. I got rejected from 2 philosophy depts and 3 divinity schools. Would an MA be worth it? What schools have full funding? Solicited feedback on my apps, so will wait for that. Just looking at how to keep moving forward. Thanks
  3. I saw some folks post in results thatthey are on the waitlist. Is that info emailed to them and the number they are? makes sense on the notification.
  4. Well rejected from BC and 3 div schools. Anyone hear anything more from Univ of Oregon like if they are going to get to number 96 on the waitlist?
  5. Anyone heard anything on Union Theo in nyc? Other than what the past results boards say.
  6. What are folks hearing on Harvard?
  7. Buy books, think about all the books I could have bought with application money.
  8. Congratulations! It is nice to see some movement on the programs I applied to as well for two reasons. One I wish you the best and two,selfishly, it takes away some of my anxiety.
  9. Has there been any more info on Universty of Oregon and Boston College in the fb group, or other places? I see University of Oregon there was a waitlist reported. Does anyone know if BC did do the snail mail for results. Sorry for the multiple posts but just looking for any type of news on these two.
  10. Hopefully they know by now since I got a ThM from them plus I checked no thanks to the MA.
  11. Thank you. That is nice to know (dysexlia had mentioned it too) so now I can be watching for the mail instead of looking at my phone. So we’ll see.
  12. Do you know how they let folks know i.e. email or snail mail? Or any other info you may have heard. Asking for a friend.
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