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  1. That’s how I feel about Union as well, but I’m concerned about the lack of academic resources at Union. I was really going to need to take courses at HKS and HGSE. All things aside, I had a better experience at Union. @sambam did you only apply to HDS last year, or did you turn down other offers when you decided to reapply this year? What was it about HDS that made you believe it was the only place for you?
  2. I am beside myself with the news that my application was not accepted by HDS. I must have really messed up, but not sure where. An HDS professor has been a mentor of mine and wrote me a recommendation. I had a small group of folks, including current and recent HDS students look over my application materials, and I visited campus, sat in on classes, and had a good conversation with admissions. I left a career three years ago to pursue the work of arts and social change, discovering the deeply important role of religious literacy and reconnecting with my own spiritual path along the way. I have
  3. @muse2019 oh I do hope we cross paths. I used to work with inmates as well. I had many serendipitous moments on my tour at Union, including running into someone who graduated from my very small woman’s college (I saw our school sticker on her laptop)... My brother and cousin live in NYC as well as my best friend from childhood, but my mentor is at HDS and I really want to work on their Arts and Religious Literacy Project as well as their Religion, Race and Nationalism research focus at the Center for the Study of World Religions. The ability to cross register at HGSE and HKS is also very
  4. Same to you. I am an artist, and I’m hoping to work in the realm of religion, the arts and social justice. In particular, I am excited to expand my understanding on how the arts can facilitate religious and cultural literacy as a tool for transforming conflict. I currently make pottery to prompt conversation on social issues. I am hoping to further my arts practice with an academic understanding of contemporary relationships between religion, race and neoliberal values, creating artwork to name and challenge narratives of competition, fear and isolation. I’m hoping to become a conflict mediato
  5. Re. Union extension, I did the same thing. What’s your focus area?
  6. What about your LORs? Did you reach out to any faculty in advance? I think they want applicants to be honest and say what is true rather than try to impress them. If you submitted it, you must have felt good about it. I'm assuming you had others help you edit and think through the SOP? Anyway, it may also come down to the particular class profile/research interests they want this year. Not sure if that factors so much in this line of academia... i know it's a big factor for MFAs. I had terrible GRE math and essay scores (verbal was OK) and I failed a semester in undergrad. Granted, that was 15
  7. I am not coming to my MDiv from a denominational affiliation. I grew up in a conservative christian fundamentalist environment, and I stepped away (AKA ran away) from the church when I went to college (AKA as soon as I could). I have stayed away from church as an institution ever since. Divinity school inserted itself into my life quite unexpectedly, yet it appears to be a natural next step. I am a social practice artist and I use ceramics to facilitate difficult conversation on social issues. I am also a sustainability project coordinator for my municipal government, so I am very intere
  8. @Pierre de Olivi typically this email comes out within 24 hours of your acceptance notification. At least that is my general understanding from my conversations with various financial aid depts. I would be sure to check your spam. And I also would give a call to the admin or financial aid office to see when you can expect that funding information. I don’t think that is greedy at all… It shows initiative. But still - You probably will not have to wait very long to get that information.
  9. @dkimbab how exciting! There is a whole forum on here about funding and scholarships. That is a new world I will soon have to understand. Where are you looking for funding? Are you coming to your MDiv with particular denominational support? What’s your focus area?
  10. No news on my end. Union says late Feb/early March for their notifications. HDS is March 15. So here we are, in suspended animation. In other news, I’m bummed by the lack of HDS and/or Union MDiv activity on grad cafe. Years past have seen lively forums. Oh well!
  11. @OmniscienceQuest I understand you completed your MDiv at HDS (I follow another thread where you offered this information) - would love to hear more about your focus there, and what prompted the switch from MTS to MDiv.
  12. @rejectedndejected and @fordlandia unfortunately no... From what I understand, they really look at the whole application, and that both the Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation are the two most important elements of said application. Be that as it may, you do need to show you are capable of the work, but test scores aren’t always the best indicator. This seems to be why they really try to look at the whole student. But what do I really know? Not much lol. I’ve spoken to several people from Admissions during the application process but I’m still on the outside looking in I
  13. @OmniscienceQuest and @fordlandia yep! I’m hoping to do some work with him. We shall see... fingers crossed! I’m a fine artist, so a non-traditional applicant for sure. I’m interested in using the arts to address and and facilitate dialogue on these issues.
  14. Glad to see all y’all here! Lots of excitement building. Or is it dread? Not sure yet haha! To answer your question @fordlandia I’m hoping to work with the Religious Literacy Project and the Center for the Studies of World Religion to explore the relationships between race, religion and nationalism. I’m from the Deep South and am particularly interested in understanding the ways in which religion not only undergirds all that we know and experience, but in particular religion’s role (and legacy) with race relations and our understandings of love in the South. Im pursuing an MDiv because I
  15. Looking to start a feed on grad applications to Divinity School for Fall 2019 matriculation. The wait is on! I've only applied to two ? and will be on the edge of my seat for the next few months. I'm seeking my MDiv from either Union Theological Seminary or Harvard Divinity. Would love to hear from all y'all out there! Where are all have you applied? Which school is your first choice? What are you hoping to do in or after school?
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