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  1. I definitely see myself taking the activism/nonprofit work route (though I'm not ruling out the possibility of ultimately pursuing traditional ministry), so this is super helpful!!! Thank you! I think Union might be it, especially since I'm really into writing/making theatre and want to include that in my future work in some capacity. No place better than NYC.
  2. Maybe this question warrants a separate thread, but is YDS a decent environment for someone who doesn't (yet) follow any faith traditions? The impression I get is that between HDS and YDS, HDS holds more space for "nones" and YDS is more heavily ecumenical, but I could be off. I got 100% tuition at Yale, Union, and UChicago, and 0 at Harvard. Because of this, I'm pretty close to crossing Harvard off the list entirely, but I'm still thinking over whether it might be worth asking for more money. Right now, I'm leaning heavily towards Union for its location and religious diversity, but also
  3. Same boat; I received full tuition, but the breakdown of all the other expenses has me like 😶
  4. Congrats!! Yes, I did, an hour ago.
  5. Oh, NO. I have to admit that I laughed because that's so relatable. I don't think it'll ruin your chance at all--most likely, the professor will assume you just didn't know and/or forget about it. In any case, I don't think it'd be a dealbreaker Especially if your recommendations portray you in a favorable light!! When judging your character, they definitely won't weight one brief e-mail over three detailed letters and an essay.
  6. I wish they'd send out financial aid/scholarship information at the same time as the admission letter. I don't know whether I can let myself celebrate yet! Has anyone already heard from the YDS financial aid office? The letter says, "Shortly following this letter, you will receive an email with the financial scholarship you have been awarded," which seems to imply I got at least a little money, but that could also be a generic line that's just worded weirdly? Guess I'll have to just be patient
  7. Sorry about Yale, but best of luck with Oxford! And Duke MTS sounds like one amazing option to have!
  8. All good options! A wonderful set of choices to have (and congrats on aid! That's so funny that it was just sitting in your spam folder!) I'm also waiting to tour and discern, but right now, I'm leaning heavily towards Union! It feels right intellectually/emotionally and I also love the location.
  9. Ah, neither did I! (For MDiv.) Alas. Are you leaning any particular way between Notre Dame vs. Harvard yet? Congratulations on both!!!!
  10. Gotcha--then this certainly makes my decision easier! 🙂
  11. Has anyone heard from HDS yet about merit-based aid? The HDS letter said I'd hear within 24 hours if I'd receive any aid, and since I haven't gotten an e-mail yet, I think it's pretty safe to assume I wasn't offered any. This could be a blessing--it certainly narrows down the extremely difficult choice between HDS, UChicago, and Union! (The latter two offered full tuition.) I was definitely hoping to receive a bit of aid, though.
  12. Maybe the universe is just calling you home 🙂 I'm so sorry about the rejection and I can imagine how much it stings after you put so much of yourself into the application. Your work sounds amazing, though, and I don't doubt that this vital and beautiful work will continue to flourish regardless of which divinity school you attend.
  13. I wish you got in, too--I'm sorry about the bad news 😥 I had 170 V, 161 Q, 4 AW. I was really afraid that the low writing score would hurt me a ton, especially since I'm an English major and so much of my application revolves around literature/writing. And my math score was definitely below the median.
  14. That's incredible!!!!!!! Huge congratulations!!! (And I'm also very relieved about GRE scores not being everything LOL!)
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