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  1. Negotiate. I highly recommend going to the open house in April and meeting with financial aid. When I was there last April, they were very candid about their willingness to up their offers to their accepted students and match competing offers. If you can do that, then it comes down to which program might suit your interests and academic needs more. And we can talk privately about this, too. I know it was very difficult for me personally to choose between UChicago and HDS, so I can gladly be of guidance on that note 🙂 In any case, you are spoiled for choice! Rejoice, and enjoy this moment, beca
  2. Hi all! I got into HDS for the MTS last year and MA at UChicago Div. My stats were 3.95 GPA, 161v/147q, 4.5 GRE, and I studied Philosophy and German, minored in political science. I deferred admission for a year and decided on HDS (to start this fall), but it was very difficult for me to decide between the two. If you have any questions about where you’re thinking of going, feel free to reach out to me here! Good luck! Und herzlichen Glückwünschen for those of you who have already heard back ^_^ ~the Serious lady
  3. Finalist for Deutschland ETA!!!! GAHHHHH
  4. Ach so! Ja, man denken würde, dass die Deutschen schneller sein würden, aber was kann wir machen...Nur warten und leiden und hoffen für ein schnelle Antwort!
  5. Germany ETA Semifinalist. Anyone have an idea of when we hear back? Last year no one heard back for ETA Germany until early April, which is cutting it close for Grad School acceptance stuff... ich hasse warten!!!!!!
  6. Yeah mine was 161/147/4.5 and a 3.9. I agree with the language stuff especially. I studied German and speak/read/write in Arabic, though I lack formal training in the latter. It seems to me that programs like HDS look for what training and skills you already have that will be worth building and strengthening through a Master's program in prep for PhD or whatever. Apply! It seems like you'll have a good chance, especially if you did well in your philosophy MA.
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