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  1. A bit off-topic, but recently saw the QS rankings come out for Theology and Religion and am curious. How much of it is actually reliable (ie is it a fairly respected ranking in the field to go off of in terms of how prestige/quality is viewed), and relevant (at the M* level? Or is it more relevant at the PhD level)?
  2. Out of curiosity over reading the HDS financial aid offers — how do they determine need-based aid %? Is it if you qualify for need-based, and then how much you get is merit? Or is the amount determined completely need-based? Also, are y’all counting the loans as part of the aid, or just the pure money/institutional grants? not sure if it’s just me or a self-selecting bias — but I had initially heard HDS was among the most generous of MA programs, so wasn’t expecting the other programs I was applying to offer me more than them. Perhaps just a more competitive or down year, endowment-wise?
  3. Thank you all for the input! It’s good to hear that both programs will be able to be a strong preparation for a PhD. @xypathos the internal UChicago PhD recommendation process sounds really intriguing: I knew something like that existed for MA students, but didn’t know the extent/competitiveness of it, or that it was similar for MDiv students as well. Have you heard of anything similar for MTS students at HDS in terms of a PhD program there? And yes, any other insights you had between the two programs would def be appreciated. I’ve been advised to and am planning to visit both schools for their Open Houses to get a better understanding of fit as well as talking to current grad students at both schools, so hopefully that can help clarify the decision a bit!
  4. Hey everyone. Currently deciding between these two options that I’m torn between, and wanted to get some general input from others on the forum. A little bit about me: • UChicago Divinity accepted me into their MDiv program on a 100% tuition + 12K stipend. HDS accepted me into their MTS program w 75% tuition covered • My main focus is Islamic political thought: specifically studying classical scholarship and how they can help enrich current postmodern questions • Looking to pursue a PhD in Islamic Thought, though I’m still not fully opposed to the idea of working on cultivating faith-based activism in between or long-term. In either case, I’d like to keep my feet in both worlds I suppose Qs: I know MTS in an excellent funnel into PhD programs, and since that is my main goal, kind of concerned if a UChic MDiv (rather than the traditional MA) will raise a few brows on ad comms or prepare me adequately for that path in terms of academic rigor. At the same time, the UChic offer is incredibly generous, so it’s difficult to turn them down if the dif between a UChic MDiv and HDS MTS degree is marginal.
  5. Yeah in my email communications w financial aid they confirmed if you hadn’t heard from merit-based aid yet, then whatever need-based aid you were offered under Rewards is just it.
  6. thanks for the advice! will do. and that would be spectacular; PMed
  7. Thank you! Immense congratulations to you as well! I just emailed the Office and they confirmed the email I got was need-based, so assuming merit-based pool is out of the question for me at this point. Let me know how it turns out for you! Haha honestly this plays into the larger struggle I was having between activism/academia! UChic MDiv would be an amazing place to pursue the former, HDS MTS the latter...hopefully an MDiv won't bar me from a PhD but def would be a dif path than an HDS MTS. Split rn haha, will have to figure which path is the best for me. Part of me wishes I had applied to an HDS MDiv instead (I heard they give more funding), but at the end of the day everything is for the best! This way at least the repercussions of the decision is clearer.
  8. 168 V/154 Q/5.0 Writing. 3.77 ug gpa, triple major. lots of leadership and activism, which was what my SOP revolved around and probably worked in my favor in terms of intangibles.
  9. Got into HDS MTS! They're only offering me 75% financial aid, however, while UChicago MDiv is offering a 100% tuition and a full stipend. This is hard...
  10. Haha yay, great to meet you too potential cohort member! 🙂 What’s your focus? Any particular reason why you’re leaning towards Union/HDS more?
  11. What time have the HDS decisions come out in the past? If they don’t release decisions past a certain time, maybe I can be productive afterwards... also anyone here got into UChicago MDiv’s program? Looking for potential cohort members and input on the dif between UChic/HDS, esp for my concentration (Islamic Studies) and academia potential for each
  12. @rejectedndejected haha the robotic line made me crack up too. Honestly, I think at this point it’s human nature to start poring over any seemingly weak points of our application and fear we’ll be denied bc of them. I know I’m doing the same. For what it’s worth, your stats seem strong, HDS MTS program isn’t crazy competitive (at least from what I had read — the admission rate seemed to hover around 30-40%? Not sure if anyone has raw data to back this up or the other top Div schools like YDS, UChic MDiv etc), and a lot of MTS students ARE future academics. It might have been a dif story were you an MDiv student, but I’m sure they’re not expecting a similar template across the board. Either way best of luck! Sending good wishes your way. @LSiefferman wow that sounds even more stressful of a wait. I’m still just an undergrad so the upcoming week will be just before finals. I can’t seem to focus on studying at all for them! The fact that it can come out any day is definitely not helping my study habits (or more precisely, current lack thereof)...
  13. on the HDS waiting-train as well 🙂 best of luck to all the applicants! after many hours of shameless stalking through the old threads, it seems that HDS can pretty much release decisions any day of the week of the 15th (i.e. next week), correct?
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