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  1. I had a very interesting email today from University of Edinburgh (Scotland). I applied to their MPhil program (2 Years) at the Divinity school, but they email me to say that they don't think I qualify for an MPhil but that they would consider me for an MTh (1 Year).
  2. Got rejected by Oxford (I knew it was going to happen though, but wanted to try my chances) Just reapplied for an MLitt at St Andrews University in Scotland. I really hope I can get into a European masters program in case I can't secure funding for a US/Canadian program. decisions ... decisions ...
  3. I applied to Oxford but for an MTh. However, I didn't hear anything yet either. I expect an answer by end of April. UK schools have a different system of admissions. Also, some schools have their deadlines open for a lot more time than the US schools. When did you apply?
  4. I can only assume that their process is similar to other schools. That is, they will most likely email us with the decisions first and your application status should change a few minutes/hours later ... At least that was my experience with other schools ...
  5. Thank you! Yep, I'm interested in both analytic and continental too. At the time when I wrote the proposal, I just felt compelled to write something on continental, more specifically on phenomenology. It's awesome that there are students doing Phenomenology work at YDS. It really gives me more peace now (to some degree). Best of luck everyone!
  6. @rejectedndejected @kaaat I applied for the MARc in Philosophy (Philosophical Theology/Philosophy of Religion). I really hope my proposal was unique/interesting enough to get me in. Though it focused a little bit on continental philosophy, after doing some research, I found out that Yale is not a big fan of continental philosophy and rather prefers analytic. But that is within their philosophy department, which I really hope does not apply too much to their Divinity department. But yes, I'm surprised there's not much activity on the forum the night before. What everyone else's propos
  7. @avocet thanks for the info. I'm emailing them now. How's the theological education at BU? Do you take advantage of the other schools from the BTI consortium? Would love some insights on the school
  8. Hey, congrats to everyone who made it into HDS! Hands up those who waiting for YDS decisions on Thursday! Also, is it normal that I didn't hear from Boston University yet? I applied to their MTS program but no word from them---though, some people from here got their decisions already ...
  9. @MattSolo Thanks for the heads up! Seems like you applied to many of the schools I also applied. Any preference on which you'd pick if you were to get accepted in all your top 5 picks?
  10. Hi @Boolakanaka I second what @Rabbit Run said. You are definitely a strong applicant. Given that so much time has passed since you finished school, I doubt they will care much for your GPA. Your experience and proposal/interest of study is what they will look at. At the end of the day, GPA is the only way for Graduate Schools to measure the capability of (inexperienced) undergraduate students. I know quite a few people that got into top schools with GPA that was below the required minimum--however, they had experience and skills that made up for the "low" GPA. Let us know wher
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