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  1. @psstein , thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks @psstein, any other schools you would recommend to look at?
  3. Hi Everyone! I am currently in an MTS/ThM program with a concentration in church history, and as I continue, I have been drawn to broader American religious history looking at the intersection of politics and culture. I have found post-1865/20th Century American religious history most intriguing. In looking at the next step, I am confident a Ph.D. is where that next step will be. I have looked into both religious studies and history departments, as from my research this intersection has a foot in both camps. The list right now is Norte Dame, Baylor, Virginia, UChicago, Emory, Yale. All h
  4. Ah, thank you again @xypathos - it is much appreciated! It is all a lot to think about and gives me a great deal of anxiety as I am a person that always, wants to make the best choice. Luckily, I still have some time. Thanks again
  5. Thanks, @xypathos for your response and advice. I enjoy looking at political development in protestant evangelical theology, or more broadly, how the ethics and morals, practically speaking, has changed throughout history in this group. I wouldn't say there is one writer that has caught my eye in a way that has stood out. Can you share more about you mean that these programs are worlds apart? I know the fundamental difference between a US and UK program (course work/no or little course work, timetable, distance/residential). But I am interested, for instance, in how will one look at
  6. Hey everyone! I have spent a few days reading through different posts. I have seen this topic touched on but not directly spoken about anywhere. A bit about me, although if you need any more info to answer the question better, you are free to ask! I am currently in an MA of Theological Studies program (with concentrations in both moral theology and church history) which I might extend into an MTh in moral theology as I have enjoyed studying with the professor that oversees that area and it wouldn't hurt to do before a Ph.D. Anywho, I am looking at a Ph.D. in ethics in both the
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