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  1. I didn't even look and just realized that this post was from 2010. I should probably check the original post date before replying and attempting to be helpful next time! 😂😅
  2. In one sense, "first tier" can be entirely subjective—just as you mentioned in your post and as some people have commented above. If you are a Baptist and plan to teach at a Baptist seminary one day, then your fellow Baptists will likely have their own criteria for a "first tier" school. In a second sense, if you have scholarly aspirations to work within a very specific sub-field, then "first tier" will mean working with the right experts in your field; the school name won't matter as much as the scholars you've worked with and the kind of research you're capable of. But there is also a third
  3. No worries, I didn't interpret any pointedness! The other drawback with the MDiv is that it's a year longer than the MTS and usually leads to some type of ordination within the school's respective denomination. If you're interested in being an ordained Baptist minister, then you could do an MDiv at a Baptist seminary. Otherwise, I would say that you could just look for an MA program (not necessarily MTS) that offers curriculum more specific to your general spiritual interests. Southern Baptist, for example. offers a range of different kinds of MA degrees: https://www.sbts.edu/academics/ma/. Th
  4. Ah, what you said about forensic science and law enforcement makes sense now! I think that sounds like a great plan. And in response to your last comment, I actually LOVE Duke and have really enjoyed my time so far, but I was mainly commenting on the difference between academic and spiritual development. Within the discipline of theology, they're totally separate (not that they have to be or should be though!). For example, reading Rudolf Bultmann is going to be a completely different experience than reading Henri Nouwen. Doing an MTS degree is more about the academic focus and setting oneself
  5. Hi there, I think the advice others have given is great. But I would just push back and ask you to evaluate your desire to go to a divinity school further. You seem to have an idea of how exactly German, biology, law enforcement, and working in a lab all fit together for your career goals. It seems very random to me, but you obviously have something in mind there! According to your original post, I completely second @sacklunch and think it makes more sense for you to major in a particular program more in line with your career interests and just take some theology courses as electives. If your
  6. @sorenerasmus I planned on applying to 10 different schools but only ended up applying to 3 after realizing how tiring it was to compile the application materials and edit them for the specific programs, ha! I am currently starting my second year at Duke Divinity, but I'm also planning on applying to PhD programs in the Fall. I totally agree with MarXian—don't go anywhere you have to pay for tuition! But since your question is mainly about the application process, I recommend starting as early as possible... I was caught off guard by how long it takes to prepare my writing samples/personal sta
  7. @pax et caritas That is so great to hear that you've decided on Yale! From what you said, that seems like the perfect fit. And from what I know, it seems to be somewhere in-between the conservative feel of Duke and the "post-Christian" feel of Harvard. Plus, everyone knows of Yale, so you're really not losing any reputability there. It will really set you up for whatever comes next. And you're welcome! Best of luck to you!
  8. Love the discussion here! I am currently an MTS student at Duke, so I'm not as far along as some of these other peeps. But I've been thinking about this issue in my own journey as I consider applying to PhD programs this year. I agree that anyone outside of academia does not care too much about what your degree is in. They hear "Harvard," and they immediately think of the competitive acceptance rate and that you must be well-educated, regardless of what your specialization might be in. The problem is that it is becoming increasingly common for people to have graduate degrees in the profe
  9. Hello! I am just now finishing up a graduate certificate in Koine Greek, but I am trying to plan if I want to also do graduate-level Biblical Hebrew. I start my MTS at Duke this Fall. I took Biblical Hebrew I & II as an undergraduate student, so I am familiar enough with the language. However, when I go to apply for a PhD, I am afraid that undergraduate-level Hebrew won't be looked at as favorably as graduate-level. Is that true? I am hoping to focus on the New Testament in my PhD program, but I want to be well-rounded with having Hebrew as well. I thought about possibly finding
  10. Hi y'all, I have accepted an offer to study at Duke this Fall, but I am wondering if anyone can speak to how intense a full-time load is (12 hours each semester). I have flexibility at my current job, because it is something that can be done online. So basically, I will tell them how many hours I would like to work, and they will probably accommodate me. My wife will be working a full-time job, so I won't technically need to work. BUT, I don't want to drain our savings account if I don't have to. I am currently working 24 hours a week, and I also have another part-time gig as a wors
  11. 25% more, so it's just 50% now! It was what I was asking for. Now I'm wondering if I should have asked for more, ha! 🤔
  12. Hey guys, tying it back in to @JHubbs financial question earlier, I requested extra funding from Duke University and heard back yesterday that they're giving it to me! Pretty awesome! That means I'll be headed there this Fall! You never know what might happen when you just ask.
  13. How come you're so helpful?? This is great, thanks! Yes, I'm married, so we would be looking for accommodation that works for both of us. I'll be sure to check out the "FriendshIp House" that you mentioned. It's challenging making graduate school work financially, but I do realize that we're pretty much all in the same boat. Everyone wants more aid! I think I'll ask him to extend my deadline though. If I could just get closer to 50% tuition, then I would be able to move forward with this no problem. We shall see.
  14. Hey guys, I'm back on here again... I emailed Duke to see if I could get any more funding (beyond the 25% tuition they are already giving me), and I received an encouraging email from the Director of Admissions. However, I'm pretty sure it was a copy-and-paste response. Basically, he said that it's certainly possible for Duke to give me more funding (both before and after enrollment), but they can't make any promises right now. He also said that he could delay my acceptance of Duke's offer another month to the end of April, so that I have more time to consider my options. His answer is very c
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