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  1. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Any thoughts on the reputation of Radboud University (Netherlands)? I submitted a late (by US standards) application after looking over the website and being assured by a prof there that they have generous scholarships specifically for US students. As well, should you not get it their annual tuition is cheaper than a 3-credit course at most colleges. Well, I found out was I accepted and extended a stipend of 25k euro, so just over 30k USD. The university has extended an offer for housing at 750 euro a month which seems reasonable. Teaching in the US would be ideal but I don't "have to." Going abroad for a while seems really tempting too. It's stay at Villanova, FSU, or Radboud for the time being.
  2. Rejection/Plan B/Venting

    Beat yourself up for a week then find a constructive means to move forward. At the very least, they'll need a meaningful way to occupy your time until next application season. There are several MTS/ThM/etc options with later deadlines should you find yourself in such a situation. There are plenty of M* graduates that strike out on PhD programs and go into ministry, nonprofits, etc. I know many ministers that teach part-time as adjuncts at their local CC or SLAC. I think no matter what you have to continue pursuing theology to some degree. Maybe it's as an avid reader, applied journal submissions, diocese/conference presentations, etc. Something initially attracted you to pursuing the academic study of theology and if you don't nurture it, a part of you will die. One can always reshape their focus but lets face it, getting into a RS or Theology program is fucking hard. English and History PhD programs are a dime a dozen and if you're willing to move, you can likely get in somewhere. Given the already low number of RS programs and even smaller number of faculty that cover your interests - it's not uncommon to only have 3-5 schools that are reasonable fits.
  3. UK PhD (Oxford) vs USA PhD (Baylor/Marquette)

    It's largely anecdotal. I don't know of any actual studies done. Usually, the criticism isn't over scholarship, clearly Oxford and the like produce exceptional scholars. The issue is that US programs, by their nature, expose you to some teaching whereas UK schools don't. So, if you're seeking a job as a teacher and you didn't have any experience during training, you're asking an employer to take a risk with you. Whereas as a US alum, you'll have faculty and student evaluations to show potential schools. So, if you need to hire a professor and have 50 applicants, you tend to choose the safer bet.
  4. UChicago MA vs HDS MTS (for philosophy of religion)

    What degree at HDS were you specifically admitted to? Also, fuck Chicago in this case. It's a great school and would prepare you well but Harvard is an amazing school and you'll have full access to the rest of the university. 50% tuition, living expenses, etc in Chicago will still be a metric buttload of money. What happens if you don't get into a PhD or you come to realize that you don't want to do it? Now you've got debt (presumably). At HDS, your debt would be massively lower and you could still construct a degree to make yourself an exceptional applicant to PhD programs. Don't spend more than three seconds thinking about this, go with HDS' offer.
  5. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    FSU notified a while back, almost three months ago now. I'm not sure about SL or Indiana though. SL tends to notify mid to late January but we don't average a lot of SL applicants here. There's one admit to Indiana in RS from two weeks ago, reported on the results listing.
  6. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I concur, age discrimination absolutely exists and it shouldn't. I just don't see a way to easily get rid of it. Some schools employ a blind review process (name, schools, age, addresses, etc are removed from the file that faculty look over) but most don't and even those that do, there's still bugs in the system.
  7. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Yea, three separate articles cited that a faculty told him that his app was rejected because of his age, one specifically said they told him by email. That was just a stupid mistake on their part - you never give a specific reason, opens the door for a lawsuit.
  8. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Per a faculty member, they're dealing with a current lawsuit at Georgetown that is making them be particularly careful in their review and how they notify applicants going forward. I naturally presume this is the lawsuit that is being referenced: http://www.thehoya.com/applicant-files-age-discrimination-lawsuit-georgetown-admissions/
  9. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Assuming you got good grades, a master's degree from a top school can only help you. It helps show that you can perform at a top level and it's likely put you in contact with top people in your field that can vouch for your ability. Can you excel at a mediocre M* school and still land at a top school? Sure. Have you intentionally gimped yourself and chances? Absolutely.
  10. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    Chances of admission might be diminished if they expect they've already hit the statistical likelihood that more students will accept than what they can provide resources to. That said, your financial aid award will certainly be less but I don't think admissions will be impacted.
  11. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I'm handling round two of doc apps like I also did the first and my Masters: When I have two offers on the table I decide which of the two is a better option (finances, quality of life, etc) and then turn down one - single elimination style. I follow this approach because I also want to be sympathetic to the person that is waitlisted and could use my spot if I'd rather be at a different school. All of my schools have given me until April 15th at 5 PM EST to decide so no worries there.
  12. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Depends on the school. Some notify you of funding with acceptance and some send funding notifications 2+ weeks later. Generally funding is pretty standard from year to year, plus a small increase for Cost of Living.
  13. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Sorry to hear that @Fontanabush. If it’s of any use there are several ThM and similar programs at top schools still taking apps. Faculty notified me today at BC that they haven’t exhausted all of their full ride scholarships for STM and don’t anticipate doing so as of yet.