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  1. Thanks for your response. It was mentioned on the Harvard website that if you do not have an undergrad degree in humanities, you should take some courses related to the program you want to apply for. There are some courses offered on Edx by Harvard university related to religion, do you think taking these courses will improve my chances? Also, as I don't have any related experience, how shall I structure my SOP. Shall I only talk about my interest in comparative religion? Plus, shall I take my Letters of Recommendations from teachers who taught me Humanities related subjects in Engineering or
  2. Hi All, I have done my bachelors in Electrical Engineering from one of the top Engineering Institutions of Pakistan. My CGPA was 3.5. Now I want to apply for MTS Comparative Religion at Hardvard Divinity School. I have job experience in my field but not anything related to religion. I tried looking for organizations working on inter faith harmony to work as in intern with them but here in Pakistan, there are a very few and I couldn't find their correct contacts. I am mainly interested in comparative religion because I began to question my faith at a young age and I want to study other rel
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