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  1. If you don't get in this round, ask them to waive the 3-strike rule based on COVID and your diminished chances due to that
  2. Personally I would switch to Pass. But I've heard the opposite opinion too... I don't think anyone here can give you a definitive answer. Keep in mind also that I'm in the Study of Religion not history.
  3. Hi there. Harvard Divinity School no longer has a PhD program and there is no such thing as Columbia Divinity as far as I know. To be very honest, I think your chances at a fully funded PhD program in religion are just about nil. But, that's OK! I don't mean to discourage you but basically alert you to the fact that you need to first get a master's in the study of religion before thinking about a PhD. Additionally, based on your major, it seems that your master's degree was from UChicago's Graham School (equivalent to Harvard's extension school). I think it can come across
  4. I'm in islamic studies but this question is hard to answer as it requires knowledge of ucla in specific. You obviously have as good a chance as anyone. But, some schools can have really small masters programs, limited to a couple students. Others have large masters programs like HDS. That makes a difference. Also, you haven't shared with us what your undergrad major was.
  5. You talk about Oxbridge as if it's a real university lol
  6. There is definitely no guarantee. In fact, the lottery odds get much worse -- from forty percent acceptance rate to five. On the other hand, another way to look at it is that the masters is fast becoming a virtual requirement to getting into the PhD. Therefore, it is a (almost) necessary but not sufficient condition of admission to the PhD.
  7. HDS is super leftist. Almost no viewpoint diversity is tolerated. So I think the answer is no. But we all still go anyways due to the name and doors the Big H opens up down the road. Study at Harvard so you can teach at BC.
  8. Congrats! That's a great problem to have. Both are top notch programs. I'm biased to Georgetown but I don't know based on your stated interests.
  9. It's top notch. Congrats!!! Berkeley is great. https://www.universities.com/programs/classical-ancient-mediterranean-and-near-eastern-studies-and-archaeology-degrees( (Like all lists, take this with a grain of salt... But, my view of Berkeley's NES precedes my seeing that list.) EDIT: I didn't realize my previous response on this already went through. Forgive the double post.
  10. I think it will be tough. Work on improving your verbal score on the GRE.
  11. My view is that your decision-making at this point should revolve around one thing: getting into a PhD program. You already have German on your CV. Add French. It's always good to have multiple languages on your CV and French & German are often necessary for the modern scholarly language requirement.
  12. I would consider applying a third time and making it a priority to publish something and present it at a major conference where your POI's may be in attendance. Make sure to ping them about your presentation and invite them to attend. (Keep in mind you can even present it before you publish, which enables you to get feedback before submission.) Additionally, consider using the year to do language study. I wiped out the first year I applied to a PhD. The second year I got into the programs in which the POI's attended my paper presentation, and wiped out everywhere else. If you w
  13. I would absolutely mention that you have another offer in hand. Getting into PhD programs is like dating. You want to appear desirable. Haha this is some good detective work. I think you might be right about the wording... But who knows? It could just mean that he/she cannot guarantee you a position... I wouldn't jump to gloom and doom.
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