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  1. How hard is it to "land" such gigs at a major university? For those of us who may be geographically restricted and have another source of income, this is probably an option to consider as a "back up." But, is even this a difficult back up to get? What about at one's own university? And what is the difference in all of these roles? Adjunct = class by class basis, unstable because of that Instructor = Is this for language instruction only? Lecturer = full-time, teaching heavy, & only a few years of job stability? Have I got this right? Anyone have any exp
  2. Harvard GSAS has a 3-strike rule: you can only apply 3 times in your lifetime. If you apply to 3 different departments in one go, for example, that's 3 strikes. Personally, I don't like the rule.
  3. If you don't get in this round, ask them to waive the 3-strike rule based on COVID and your diminished chances due to that
  4. Personally I would switch to Pass. But I've heard the opposite opinion too... I don't think anyone here can give you a definitive answer. Keep in mind also that I'm in the Study of Religion not history.
  5. Hi there. Harvard Divinity School no longer has a PhD program and there is no such thing as Columbia Divinity as far as I know. To be very honest, I think your chances at a fully funded PhD program in religion are just about nil. But, that's OK! I don't mean to discourage you but basically alert you to the fact that you need to first get a master's in the study of religion before thinking about a PhD. Additionally, based on your major, it seems that your master's degree was from UChicago's Graham School (equivalent to Harvard's extension school). I think it can come across
  6. I'm in islamic studies but this question is hard to answer as it requires knowledge of ucla in specific. You obviously have as good a chance as anyone. But, some schools can have really small masters programs, limited to a couple students. Others have large masters programs like HDS. That makes a difference. Also, you haven't shared with us what your undergrad major was.
  7. You talk about Oxbridge as if it's a real university lol
  8. There is definitely no guarantee. In fact, the lottery odds get much worse -- from forty percent acceptance rate to five. On the other hand, another way to look at it is that the masters is fast becoming a virtual requirement to getting into the PhD. Therefore, it is a (almost) necessary but not sufficient condition of admission to the PhD.
  9. HDS is super leftist. Almost no viewpoint diversity is tolerated. So I think the answer is no. But we all still go anyways due to the name and doors the Big H opens up down the road. Study at Harvard so you can teach at BC.
  10. Congrats! That's a great problem to have. Both are top notch programs. I'm biased to Georgetown but I don't know based on your stated interests.
  11. It's top notch. Congrats!!! Berkeley is great. https://www.universities.com/programs/classical-ancient-mediterranean-and-near-eastern-studies-and-archaeology-degrees( (Like all lists, take this with a grain of salt... But, my view of Berkeley's NES precedes my seeing that list.) EDIT: I didn't realize my previous response on this already went through. Forgive the double post.
  12. I think it will be tough. Work on improving your verbal score on the GRE.
  13. My view is that your decision-making at this point should revolve around one thing: getting into a PhD program. You already have German on your CV. Add French. It's always good to have multiple languages on your CV and French & German are often necessary for the modern scholarly language requirement.
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