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  1. I was just admitted to the University of Toronto history M.A. Really honored, but I feel like it is a bit unfortunate that they send out acceptances on April 16 when the acceptance deadline for most of my American applications was April 15.
  2. Unfortunately, it is going very slow but it also changing a lot so perhaps I might be able to get it in time. Americans sure are lucky! Have you started the visa-process?
  3. I am already in the process of taking 3 different vaccines to meet Harvard's requirements this summer, I should be some kind of posterboy against anti-vaccine propaganda if corona-vaccination requirements are added.
  4. Just accepted my offer from HDS and will decline the offer from Chicago tomorrow. I feel a little sick to my stomach about declining a really great school that gave me a fantastic offer. I also have a paranoid fear that Harvard suddenly will inform me that a mistake was made and that I was not really admitted, as part of some really strange moral lesson from the universe. Anyway, I hope that this can help someone get admitted to Chicago or get increased funding!
  5. In relation to what people have mentioned about most universities going on-campus the coming year, I am worried about Sweden's vaccination-tempo and hope that I will be able to get a shot before the fall.
  6. Congratulations, that is awesome! It feels good to know that someone else is in the same boat.
  7. Accepted to Chicago with a dean's fellowship covering tuition and $10 000 in living expenses! This is so crazy! It feels impossible to make a choice between that and HDS?
  8. I have tried to get an idea of average rents in Dorchester. As I will be attempting a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, the dream would be to afford a studio so she could live with me when she visited without any problems. Do you believe it would be feasible to find a studio in Dorchester for around $1 300 or am I naive?
  9. Thank you! Not as far as I am aware, their website states that: ''Is a religion or theology major required to apply for the MDiv or MTS program? Our applicants have completed degrees in a wide variety of disciplines. However, the great majority of our applicants currently stem from humanities and/or social sciences backgrounds.'' https://hds.harvard.edu/admissions-aid/frequently-asked-questions
  10. Thank you a lot, and of course! I did my undergrad in religious studies and theology at the University of Uppsala in my native country of Sweden, which has a pretty good reputation internationally. The grading system here is so different that it is kind of hard to determine a GPA. However, I did one year of my undergrad at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I averaged 3.9, did an undergraduate research project that was published in an journal and interned at a museum. All my LoR writers were professors I worked with during this exchange. Before going to college, I also took part i
  11. I received my financial-aid package really quickly as well, as I understood it I will get 100% tuition and a $8 000 stipend per year! Really excited.
  12. Accepted at HDS!! Over the moon but also somewhat terrified?
  13. No result from Chicago yet. Starting to get worried, but reassured by the fact that I have not seen any get uploaded to gradcafe or anywhere else.
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