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  1. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I have a friend studying with Dorrien who speaks very highly of him. Dorrien's work is expansive and quite good. I'm sure he's busy, but I'm sure Cruz is also. If Dorrien and Cruz (and others) share some of your research interests and you would like to work with them, then mention that in your statement. The people you want to work with (especially those who you aren't planning on having as your advisor) don't have to line up exactly with your interests. You want people who can help you develop as a scholar, that involves people working close enough to your interests (which it sounds like Cruz and Dorrien both do) who are also able to push you in new directions through the interests they have which you don't necessarily share. So I wouldn't see the areas that Cruz is interested in the you aren't exactly as an issue. You can figure out which of the two will be your dissertation advisor during coursework and comprehensive exams, you don't have to nail it down right now.
  2. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Yeah, like most schools, when you get to the dissertation stage you'll have an advisor as well as a committee composed of two or three other people. Even though you can certainly work with Gregory, don't mention him as a POI in your PTS statement since he's on faculty at Princeton University, not the seminary.
  3. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    If you were at PTS with those interests then your committee would naturally include Day, Bowlin and Gregory. I'd also look at Mark Lewis Taylor, who does a lot with religion and society/postcolonial stuff. Hope this helps
  4. You can find some on the CCCU (Council of Christian Colleges and Universities) website. Only a small segment of the market to be sure, but I've seen some jobs show up here and not some of the above mentioned places before. http://careers.cccu.org/jobs/
  5. Visiting Prospective Program's Campus

    It did help me tailor my applications to a few schools a bit better and it made me realize I didn't want to bother applying to one program.
  6. Visiting Prospective Program's Campus

    The main advantage to visiting isn't that it will improve your chances of admission (as others have noted), but more your own benefit, in helping you get a sense of the program and the culture of the department or whether this is a place you actually want to live in. Can help you narrow down schools a bit in that sense.
  7. Preparing to start program

    I taught myself some of the basic skills, but had to untrained myself a bit because it was negatively affecting my comprehension.
  8. Preparing to start program

    Read your professors's books so you have a leg up on understanding them better in seminars, what their project is, and how you can put your interests in conversation.
  9. Sharing Trends/Topics in Religious Studies

    Would echo this, albeit in a different key perhaps. I see a lot of people challenging certain genealogies that have become dominant in ethics/theology (i.e. the narratives of MacIntyre, Milbank, and Charles Taylor) through studies of figures/areas left out of these narratives. For instance, theres been more work on virtue theory in the 17th and 18th centuries, challenging the sort of declension narrative the above named authors can tell.
  10. Marquette or Wheaton for Church History?

    I'd take Marquette at least for the funding and the strength in your period (not to say Wheaton isn't strong in early Church, which it is). Going to Marquette might, I take it, plug you in easier to the schools that do really well at historical theology/church history which are often Catholic (Notre Dame, Boston College etc.)
  11. Choices and Decisions

    Certainly, and I should add that my friend's experience is anecdotal and likely colored by embellishment over the years; so take it with a grain of salt. Likely was an honest mistake on Union's part.
  12. Choices and Decisions

    I mean there was an acceptance, then a "hey are you coming here?" (to which the reply was, "well I need to hear from other schools...") then a "oh we made a mistake" followed by waitlisting.
  13. Choices and Decisions

    Not surprised, had a friend years ago who was provisionally accepted and then rejected (maybe waitlisted) from Union in a weird confusion/turn of events
  14. Master's Admissions 2017(MA,MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    Overall Chicago's reputation in terms of academic rigor is the same as YDS or HDS in my opinion. A degree from Chicago, HDS, or Yale will put you in the same place, although this may vary by field (for instance, I take it that YDS is best of the three in Biblical Studies, whereas Chicago might be better in Philosophy of Religion). The M.Div program at Chicago is quite small and they're more focused on the MA program and academic preparation rather than training ministers/non-profit workers. Yale has a pretty robust M.Div program as well as a strong MAR programs, so theres more of a balance between professional and and academic pursuits. I take it Yale is a more explicitly Christian environment than HDS or Chicago: YDS is officially unaffiliated with a denomination and is very ecumenical, but has something of a connection to the Episcopal Church through the Berkeley School of Theology. Chicago and Harvard have more of an inter-religious environment (more so with HDS than Chicago I take it). I think you've mentioned being in Ethics on these forums before. All three schools would be excellent in that regard; in my program I know people with degrees from all three schools. My pick might of the three would YDS for Ethics, however you can't go wrong with any of the three and the decision has to take into account funding and your particular interests.
  15. Choices and Decisions

    Begins immediately but it speeds up the closer to April 15 as people who may be accepted one place wait to hear back from waitlists/schools that haven't notified. For the program I'm attending, I was waitlisted at the end of February got off in the middle of March.