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  1. Rabbit Run

    I'm not sure whether to pursue this path professionally.

    If your goal is mainly to explore Hebrew and to see where that takes you, and if you want to do that in a religious context, you have a lot of options in DC. Look at Virginia Seminary, Wesley Seminary, Dominican House of Studies, or maybe CUA. Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond is another option. Each should be teaching at least introductory Hebrew and some exegesis classes, which you might want to audit if not enroll in a full degree program.
  2. The common wisdom is that the quantitative portion is MUCH less important. I think as long as you didn't flat out fail you're alright, especially with verbal and writing scores like that
  3. Rabbit Run

    Another "Stats Needed for PhD Admissions" Query

    I tell people that the numbers are "necessary but not sufficient" to get in. All the numbers (i.e. generally 90% on verbal, 5 on writing, good GPA) do is get you past some initial cutoffs . From there its the pieces others have mentioned above: fit, recommendations, etc.
  4. Rabbit Run

    MDiv vs MTS (@ HDS)

    The general wisdom is that the MTS is better for academic prep (this is true), but if you scroll through the Ph.D. profiles at top schools you'll find that there's quite a few people with MDivs (especially if it's from someplace like HDS or YDS). So yes, an MTS will help you, but an MDiv isn't gonna keep you out. You should talk to someone who's a grad of HDS or someone from admissions about this, but my sense of HDS's MDiv is that it doesn't differ wildly in content from the MTS; even if they have some ministerial/pastoral classes you ought to take, you still would have a lot of freedom in course selection so that you can do more academic prep.
  5. Rabbit Run

    Southern Baptist Sinkhole

    If you're in DFW then I imagine Perkins/SMU would be an option for you. I don't know what their HB/OT reputation is, but they're a strong divinity school. I can think of two folks who went to SBC seminaries and ended up in good PhD programs (one in OT as a matter of fact), but they both did masters at other schools. I want to gauge people's takes on this, but my perception for some reason is that SEBTS is considered the most moderate of the SBC seminaries; not that that quells the worry raised in this thread, but might help.
  6. Rabbit Run

    Applying to both the Phd and Thd programs at Duke.

    would be curious to get the perspective of a Duke student, but I applied to both and was told by a professor that it didn't matter; of course, this was just one professor's take.
  7. Rabbit Run

    Transferring in the Middle of Program

    I don't know what the process is, but its certainly possible. I can think of at least 4 or 5 people who transferrred into my M.Div program while I was there. Likely best to contact admissions at the schools in question and find out how it works.
  8. Rabbit Run

    Truett Theological seminary at Baylor Info

    Duke Divinity, Candler School of theology (Emory), Vanderbilt Divinity, Perkins School of Theology (Southern Methodist Univeristy) for divinity schools. UVA, UNC-Chapel Hill, and FSU have MA programs that might be of interest.
  9. Rabbit Run

    Advice on M.Div Programs

    Yeah, I graduated from the M.Div at PTS so I know the scene; feel free to PM if you have questions.
  10. Rabbit Run

    Advice on M.Div Programs

    To add on the point of postliberal theology (which of course is a vague and contested term), I'd add Wycliffe (which is part of U Toronto) would be very good since they have a few prominent Lindbeck students workings out of that tradition (Joseph Mangina and Ephraim Radner).
  11. Rabbit Run

    Advice on M.Div Programs

    Princeton Seminary would be a good fit for you given it meets criteria 1 very well in particular. Theres also a natural connection w/the Presbyterian church, although I don't know how important that is to you/its a PC(USA) school anyways. Union Presbyterian is a fine school in a nice city, but it would not be as easy to get to a PhD program from there. The rest of the list is good, but you might want to consider Duke Divinity or Wake Forest, especially since you're in NC.
  12. Rabbit Run

    Any Current Duke Students?

    ...and J Kameron Carter last week. Plus Eboni Marshall Thurman also went to Yale and Reinhard Hütter is leaving (has left?) for CUA. Heres some articles about Duke. As sacklunch said, would be best to have a Duke student weight in from their perspective https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2017/05/24/467233031/black-ministry-students-at-duke-say-they-face-unequal-treatment-and-racism http://www.dukechronicle.com/article/2018/03/lgbtqia-duke-divinity-students-protest-treatment-issue-list-of-demands
  13. Rabbit Run

    Any Current Duke Students?

    I'm not a student at Duke, but its worth noting the Anglican/Episcopal House will be headed up by Christopher Beeley (formerly of Yale Divinity) beginning in the Fall, which is an excellent hire imo. My outside perception of Duke is that it's the most moderate/conservative of the big divinity schools. It seems to be a tense place right now from what I've heard, with a lot of professors leaving and with tension surrounding race and human sexuality.
  14. This is good advice, but I'd qualify it a bit for PTS, whose M.Div is fairly flexible. They tend to offer quite a bit of cross listed courses (i.e. a course in Church History that also meets a Practical Theology Req).
  15. I don't think this is weird, I applied to Theology, Ethics, and Historical Theology subfields depending on the school/faculty etc. Of course, these are all much more related than say, Ancient Near East and American Church History, but all this is to say that where you apply is dependent on how the school carves up the disciplines/where the faculty you want to work with are.

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