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  1. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    PTS generally does rolling admissions, so I wouldn't worry too much about not having heard yet. Especially if you're doing an MDiv, I don't think it would hurt to apply to Duke if the application is still open
  2. PTS's acceptance rate is between 40% and 50%. They're shrinking the student body some, so that might affect things. Between 30% and 50% is pretty standard for Masters programs at most big name divinity schools and seminaries.
  3. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    They did this last year too if I recall. Very strange.
  4. My guess would be to look at MA programs in Religious Studies or related fields as well as Divinity School/Seminary M.Div. or MTS programs that have people specializing in South Asian Religions. I'd second Harvard or Chicago's Divinity Schools; you might want to check out the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, which I believe has relations with UC-Berkeley
  5. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    You'll be a good applicant for any of the programs you've mentioned. M.Div programs are set up to have both second career students with a lot of experience and students right out of undergrad. Your age won't be an issue and your experience will be seen as a strength. Most M.Div programs want to have diversity in backgrounds/life experience in their incoming class and I take it you'll have a lot to offer in that category given your previous work As for your weaknesses, I think that you're applying to enough schools where even if your GPA hold you back at some schools you most likely won't be rejected from all.
  6. Dual Degrees with the M.DIV/MTS?

    My school has a joint M.Div./MSW that's quite popular amongst students. Basically, you do the MSW all in your fourth year, people do it to be chaplains, social workers, community organizers etc.
  7. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Not sure; all know is what I'm seeing here
  8. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Historically, Biblical Studies is the only department that consistently interviews (I think Religion and Society does too)
  9. Chances for an Outsider

    No. PC(USA) students get 100%, but they do have some 100% scholarships for students from other denominations. Otherwise you'll probably get 80%
  10. Chances for an Outsider

    I wouldn't worry. M.Div programs are meant to include people from diverse backgrounds, not just religion or theology majors, since its a professional degree. II'd highlight your leadership experience and be clear about yoursense of vocation (in other words, why do you want to pursue this degree?) in your documents.
  11. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I've heard anecdotally that masters applications to the Divinity School where down last year by a noticeable amount due to recent faculty departures. I could see how this might impact the Religion PhD for certain fields, but I'd think they'd still have plenty of attractive applicants.
  12. Kierkegaardian Hermit Krab Looking for a Shell

    Since you mentioned it, I'd advocate for Princeton's religion department. Hegel is a popular figure in the religion department due to Jeff Stout's interest (although he is retiring this year). Leora Batnizky does work with some of the philosophers you've mentioned as well as Spinoza, Levinas and some more continental types. You'd also be able to access the philosophy, English, and German departments as well with ease.
  13. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I have a friend studying with Dorrien who speaks very highly of him. Dorrien's work is expansive and quite good. I'm sure he's busy, but I'm sure Cruz is also. If Dorrien and Cruz (and others) share some of your research interests and you would like to work with them, then mention that in your statement. The people you want to work with (especially those who you aren't planning on having as your advisor) don't have to line up exactly with your interests. You want people who can help you develop as a scholar, that involves people working close enough to your interests (which it sounds like Cruz and Dorrien both do) who are also able to push you in new directions through the interests they have which you don't necessarily share. So I wouldn't see the areas that Cruz is interested in the you aren't exactly as an issue. You can figure out which of the two will be your dissertation advisor during coursework and comprehensive exams, you don't have to nail it down right now.
  14. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Yeah, like most schools, when you get to the dissertation stage you'll have an advisor as well as a committee composed of two or three other people. Even though you can certainly work with Gregory, don't mention him as a POI in your PTS statement since he's on faculty at Princeton University, not the seminary.